Club records & standards

Club records

These were first recorded in the early 1990's and have been kept up-to-date since then.

Records are based on first-claim membership for open events, in other words you can only claim the club record if you run the race with "Spectrum Striders" as your first-claim club.  If you run in a club event (for example one of the club mile races), then the time will count as a record even if Striders are not your first-claim club.

Records are only valid when set over "accurately measured" courses (see below for more info).  Records can be set in races which are not in the club championship, as long as the course is accurately measured.

The time we use for Club record purposes is that which is shown in the official race results, rather than the time you take on your watch.  If the race uses chip timing, the chip time (rather than the gun time) is accepted as the club record.

We try to keep track of new records but we may miss some performances.  If you think you have set a new club record, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the details of your run, namely the time you did, the race and the date.

We keep records for:

Club Road Race Standards

The Club Road Race Standards were first introduced in 2000.  The idea is to have race time targets (the Standards) to which club members of all abilities can aim.  They can help us to improve our own race times and our success in achieving a standard is recognised within the club.

We have 5 different levels which we have called copper (the easiest), bronze, silver, gold and platinum (the hardest). There are standard times for each level for all the major road race distances and for each age, both male & female.  To achieve a Standard, you need to equal or better the standard time in 3 different distances during the year.

The Standards Certificates are presented at the Annual Awards Dinner Dance around Christmas time.

Click here to read more about Club Standards & send in your claim

Accurately measured

In the context of Records & Standards, "accurately measured" means a race route that has been properly measured by a member of the Association of UK Course Measurers.  Somewhere on the race entry form or web site, you should see this "Certified Accurate" logo.

Please note that our Forest Park Ladies 5k, the Birchwood Brook 5k and most parkruns don't count as "accurately measured" so times set in these races won't count for Records or Standards.  Have a look on the Standards page for more info.