Standards - info

Platinum - world + 20%
Gold - world + 35%
Silver - world + 50%
Bronze - world + 65%
Copper - world + 85%

Standards - distances

- 1 mile
- 3k
- 5k
- 5 mile
- 10k
- 10 mile
- half marathon
- marathon

Club standards

Standards claims DeadlineYou need to get your standards claim in to Janet by the Wednesday after the Stockport 10 road race at the latest so she can prepare the certificates in time for the dinner.

Preparing the standards certificates is a time-consuming task so please help Janet by sticking to this deadline.  Thank you!

See the bottom of this page for Janet's contact details.
The standards are currently administered by Janet Redpath.  Standards certificates are usually presented at the annual Annual Awards Dinner Dance around Christmas/New Year.

To see the club standards, click on the table you want to see:

These are not yet complete but should cover all of the club membership.  If your standards data is missing or if you want more information about the standard times for your age, please contact Janet.

How they Work

Race Distances

Standards apply to standard road race distances, but you don't need to run all of these!  To qualify for your standard, you need to equal or better the standard time for your age in 3 different distances during the year.

You can qualify from any races over "accurately measured" distances, not just races in our club championships.  All you need is the official race results as proof of your time, a web site address for the results will be OK.  If the race is in the club championships, then Janet will already have the results.

Accurately measured

In the context of Club Records & Standards, "accurately measured" means a race course that has been properly measured by a member of the Association of UK Course Measurers.  Somewhere on the race entry form or web site, you should see this "Certified Accurate" logo.

How the Standard Times are Determined

Club standards are based on on the World Standard Times published by the WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes).  These are times that a world champion athlete might expect to run and figures have been produced for every age at every standard distance.  They are approximately the same as world records but are not actually records themselves.

We have one set of standard times for the whole open age category and one set for each veteran age in each year band (not the 5 year age bands).  So if you are a 42 year old, your time is compared against the World Standard for a 42 year old.

Standards & parkrun

Club Standards are only valid when run over "accurately measured" courses.  Not all parkruns are accurately measured so not all parkrun times will qualify for inclusion in standards.  [parkrun courses are all 5k.]

Some parkruns have been accurately measured by approved course measurers.  A list of these can be found here[At time of writing in Oct 2015, there were only 3 local accurately measured parkruns, at Princes Park Liverpool, South Manchester and Preston.]

Forest Park Ladies 5k & Birchwood Brook 5k 

As both of these races are not road courses, they don't qualify as "accurately measured" so you can't count times set in these two races toward your Club Standard.

Applying for a Standard


  • You need to achieve the same standard at 3 different distances in one year.
  • The standards year runs from early December to early December in the following year .
  • You can only qualify for the award of one standard level in any one year.
  • Any accurately measured and certified road race can count, you are not limited to championship races or club supported races
  • Your time should be taken from the official race results.

Making a Claim

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  The e-mail should include:
    • dates of the races which make up your standard
    • your race times
    • links to on-line results for the races
  • You can make a claim at any time during the year but applications should be received by Janet by the Wednesday following the Stockport 10 road race so she can organise the certificates before the Club Dinner.