Standards - info

Platinum - world + 20%
Gold - world + 35%
Silver - world + 50%
Bronze - world + 65%
Copper - world + 85%

Standards - distances

- 1 mile
- 3k
- 5k
- 5 mile
- 10k
- 10 mile
- half marathon
- marathon

Club standards - female

Applying for a Standard


  • You need to achieve the same standard at 3 different distances in one year.
  • The standards year runs from early December to early December in the following year.
  • You can only qualify for the award of one standard level in any one year.
  • Any accurately measured and certified road race can count, you are not limited to championship races or club supported races
  • Your time should be taken from the official race results.

Making a Claim

  • Send an e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  The e-mail should include:
    • dates of the races which make up your standard
    • your race times
    • links to on-line results for the races
  • You can make a claim at any time during the year but applications should be received by Janet by about the end of November so she can organise the certificates before the Club Dinner.

Female Club Standards are in this pdf