Club Duathlon Routes

The Duathlon is one lap of the blue Run route, then one lap of the red Cycle route, finishing with a second lap of the blue Run route.

Duathlon routes

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Run route

The run route (shown on the map above in blue, with pink arrows) leaves the Ranger Centre along the path in a clockwise direction.  It forks right, going past the bandstand, then turns right at the next path junction.  Then turn left along the path towards "Red Square" in the opposite direction to the Summer Muster.

Do a U-turn around the furthest of the two lamp posts in "Red Square", retracing your steps back towards the Forest Park.  At the path junction just before the Ladies 5k finish, turn left and go round the top of the Forest Park, returning to the Transition Area at the Ranger Centre.

This route is about 2 miles (3.1k), measured by GPS.  It has not been accurately measured.

Cycle route

The cycle route (shown on the map above in red) starts within the Forest Park at the Transition Area.  Remember that you are not allowed to ride within the Forest Park - if you do, you will be disqualified.

Leave the Park on foot, turn left, mount your bike and go straight on at the Birchwood Way roundabout, following the Birchwood 10k Race route.  Omit the short diversion around the roundabout near the Birchwood Park circular fountain.  Continue past the Noggin, then go over the motorway and turn left down Cross Lane.

Continue through Croft, turning left down Spring Lane, then left at Hop Pole Kennels returning along Locking Stumps Lane.  At the mini-roundabout with Crab Lane near the College, turn left.

Carry straight on (leaving the 10k route) and continue along the road to the big College Place roundabout.  Turn left and follow Birchwood Way, through the "dog bone" roundabout and through the Birchwood Park roundabout - take care on Birchwood Way as it is a busy road.  At the next roundabout, turn right towards Gorse Covert and return to the Forest Park.

Remember to dismount from your bike before entering the Forest Park then run back to the Transition Area.

This route is about 5¾ miles (9.3k), measured by GPS.  It has not been accurately measured.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - directions

View race venue & motorway junction in Google Maps

Race Venue

Ranger Centre
Birchwood Forest Park
off Moss Gate