Parkrun Championship

We're introducing a new championship category for 2018 - Parkruns!

Parkruns are a phenomenally popular way of running with like-minded people every weekend. For many people, a Parkrun is their first venture into the running world. As a club, we want to acknowledge the dedication that people put into their Parkruns.
To do this we've devised the Spectrum Striders Parkrun Championships. This is a new championship that will sit alongside the existing champs - Road, Cross Country and Fell.
The championship has been designed so that it's not just geared towards the established elite runners - we wanted a way to reward those who might just be starting out with running. All club members can participate of course, but the system is designed as a level playing field. As in XC champs, your best 6 results count (and you get one extra point for every other race you attend).
Unlike our other champs, there are no separate male and female winners for our Parkrun champs. Parkrun's built-in age grading already takes account of gender, allowing us to compare the results directly across all participants. 

How it works

The championship consists of 12 races, one per month. These will be based on Parkruns local to Warrington. There will be a 'home' Parkrun, based at Victoria Park. Every alternate month, the Parkrun will be based at an 'away' location - this will change throughout the year (but will always be in the Warrington area).

The championship results will be based on your barcode time from the Parkrun. No additional effort is needed from you - just turn up at the correct Parkrun in your club vest and run. Points are calculated based directly on your age grade results. Anyone that gets a new Parkrun PB will get an additional 1,000 points.

i.e. if a competitor gets an age grade score of 65.83% they will score 6583 points; if this race is also a PB then they get an extra 1,000 points making their total 7583 points.

The winners of the championship will be awarded at the annual awards dinner in January 2019. 

Runners on the Spectrum Striders Beginners Initiative If you're currently running on the Beginners Initiative, then you are also eligible to take part in this championship, in antipation of you joining us as a fully-fledged member upon completion of the initiative in April. Just make sure that when you sign up to Parkrun, you put Spectrum Striders as your running club to allow us to easily pick up your times.


A few times a year, the Parkrun races will also be run as a handicap. A race that is marked as a handicap race has an extra incentive - your finishing time will be judged against your Parkrun Personal Best (PB). The winner of the handicap will be the runner who gets the best time on the day compared to their Parkrun PB. If no-one betters their PB, the winner will be whoever is closest to their Parkrun PB on the day.

Handicap results are included and count towards your score in the championship.

Handicap races will take place at the Warrington Parkrun. See the fixtures list to the right to see which races are included.

Parkrun championship rules

  1. You must be a paid up member of Spectrum Striders Running Club, with Spectrum Striders as your first claim club

  2. You must run in club vest

  3. You must compete at the selected Parkrun on the day of the competition

  4. You must have registered for Parkrun - your results will not be included otherwise

  5. Therefore you must be a registered finisher at the race, i.e. make sure you have your barcode

  6. For the handicap, you must have a Parkrun PB, preferably at Warrington. It will be compared against your current age group PB based on Parkrun records

  7. You must obey Parkrun rules - be courteous to other runners

  8. The safety of all competitors is paramount


Results are available in the sidebar to the right.

Tell us what you think!

This is a brand new championship and we're very much open to suggestions. Let us know what you think - speak to Geoff Hand, Alan Brady or any commitee member at the club to give your comments.


Thanks for Geoff Hand for devising the championship, and Alan Brady for his input.


2018 fixtures

No. Date Location  
1 3rd February Victoria Park  
2 17th February Pennington Flash  
3 17th March Victoria Park (Handicap)  
4 14th April Widnes  
5 12th May Victoria Park  
6 16th June Delamere  
7 7th July Victoria Park (Handicap)  
8 11th August Worsley Woods Parkrun  
9 8th September Victoria Park  
10 13th October Pheonix Park Runcorn  
11 24th November Victoria Park (Handicap)  
12 8th December Knowsley  

Results 2018

A summary of the results throughout the year is available to download: [PDF]

And a little more detail here: [PDF]



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