Inter-club fell competition - races

#1 - 28-Jun-2017
Robbie Webster's Wobbler

#2 - 23-Aug-2017
Harrock Hill

#3 - 16-Sep-2017
King John's Castle

Inter-club fell competition - past results

Inter-club fell competition - rules

2016 rules summary
- Up to 7 men and 3 women count for each club.
- Men score 28 points down to 1 point.
- Women score 28 points down to 17 points.
- 2 bonus points for every runner above the 7 men and 3 women.
- Bonus points in every M & W age category - 8, 5, 3, & 1.
- Age categories are those used by the race organiser.
- 2nd claim members count in this league.
- Every runner scores points!

Click here to see full rules (PDF format).

2017 Inter-club fell competition - series info

Series information

This competition was first organised in 2012.

The aim is to have a league with a team ethos, similar to the North West Sunday Cross Country League – simple to organise, just turn up and run, more of a team event rather than an individual event.  However, in this competition runners will pay their own entry fee.

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There are 3 races, chosen by agreement between the clubs.

Race categories & distances are taken from the FRA web site (where available).

DayDate Time Race information
 Cat. Distance/climb Distance/climb
 Wednesday 28-Jun-2017 7:30pm Robbie Webster's Wobbler  (Frodsham)  8.5k / 370 m
 5.2 miles / 1220ft
 Wednesday 23-Aug-2017 7:30pm Harrock Hill  (nr Parbold)  8.4k / 275m
 5.2 miles / 902ft
 Saturday 16-Sep-2017 11am King John's Castle  (nr Mold)  7.4k / 264m 4.6 miles / 866ft

Each club includes these races in their Club Fell race championship.