Birchwood 10k road race

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Birchwood 10k entry list

Birchwood 10k Road Race


Please note that the race is NOW FULL and no further entries will be accepted.

All race packs will have been posted out by the end of Monday 15-Aug-2016.

You can enter the 2k fun run on the day.  Click here for more details.

If you need any more information about the race, please look on the Birchwood 10k race page or on the How To Enter page.

If you can't find what you need there, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to send an e-mail to get more information.

If you have queries specifically related to entering the race, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to send an e-mail to our entries person.

Entry transfers

If you cannot run, you can transfer your entry to another runner without charge so long as you do it in advance of the race.

It is against UK Athletics rules to let someone else run using your number without telling the race organisers.  Please don't do this as they will be disqualified!

For details of how to transfer your entry to another runner, please go to the How To Enter page.

Birchwood 10k Entry List

Please note:  There are no 10k entries on the day.

This is the final Birchwood 10k entry list and shows entries received up to the entry closing date 14-Aug-2016.

Number Surname Forename Club Category
509 Aberdeen Claire Warrington Running Club FV50
1086 Abrahams Dawn Unattached FV45
217 Abrahams Michael Buxton AC MV45
1098 Acton Chris Unattached MV50
853 adams leanne warrington running clum FS
177 Ahmed Tariq Unattached MS
667 ainsworth adrian Unattached MS
379 ainsworth james Vale Royal AC MV40
169 Al-Kamil Sarmid Bramhall Runners MV50
918 Alexander Hannah Unattached FS
278 Allen Craig Unattached MS
659 allison LIZ trawden ac FV50
866 Allsopp Rosie East Hull Harriers FS
813 Amery Jonny Northwich Running Club MS
1156 Anders Lindsey Warrington Road Runners FS
791 Anderson Charlie Village Road Runners MV40
414 ANDERSON NOEL Unattached MS
413 ANDERSON RENEE Unattached FS
1046 Andrew Karen Marple Runners FV50
70 Antolak Mark Unattached MV40
867 Archer John Winston Runners MV65
140 Argent Jennifer Unattached FS
1188 Arkless Marc Unattached MV40
1087 Ashcroft Ian Wilmslow Running Club MV70
762 Ashcroft Katie Unattached FS
646 Ashton Lynne Unattached FV45
574 Ashurst Ian Unattached MV40
723 Ashurst Nathan Warrington Running Club MS
40 Atkinson Andrew Unattached MV50
424 Attwell David Unattached MV75
30 austin sarah Unattached FV40
337 Babynec Laura Unattached FS
1191 Bagnall Leon Prestatyn RC MS
209 Bagshaw Andrew Bramhall Runners MV45
745 Bainbridge Judith Unattached FV50
742 Baker Carly Dragons Running Club Sale FV35
556 baker nicola Warrington running club FV40
193 Ball Clare Unattached FV35
58 Banks Leann South Cheshire Harriers FS
920 Barclay Stephen Unattached MS
448 Barker Karen Unattached FV50
662 Barker Ruth Unattached FS
837 Barker Ruth Unattached FS
449 Barker Wayne Unattached MV45
706 barlow andrew Unattached MV45
719 Barlow Lloyd Manchester Harriers MV45
934 Barlow Scott Unattached MS
540 Barlow Tracey Southport Waterloo FV45
349 barnes hannah Unattached FS
460 Barnes Rebecca Unattached FV35
1182 Barr John Unattached MV65
372 Barras Debbie Hyde Village Striders FS
1058 Bassett Michael Unattached MS
471 Bassett John Wallasey Athletic Club MV50
348 Bates Lindsey Unattached FS
977 Battersby jay Unattached MV45
976 battersby Stephanie Unattached FV40
833 Beamish Andrew Chorlton runners MS
953 Beaton Andrea South Cheshire Harriers FV35
39 BEATTIE BRIAN West Cheshire Athletic Club MV70
952 Beattie Edward Unattached MV45
909 Beckett Simon Unattached MV40
277 Beeley Ryan Unattached MS
851 Beesley Rachel St Helens Sutton AC FS
865 Beesley Will Unattached MS
766 Belger Ian Unattached MV50
610 Bell Hannah Unattached FV40
211 Bell Mark Warrington Running Club MV45
835 Bellhouse Gina Southport Waterloo FV45
149 bellingham val Unattached FV45
1097 BELLIS CLAIRE Chorlton Runners FV45
11 Bennett Karen Lymm Runners FV45
168 Benson Paul Unattached MV45
48 Bentley Alex Knowsley Harriers MS
655 Bentley Amanda Warrington Running Club FV40
1047 Bentley Chris Macclesfield Harriers & AC MS
172 Berry Claire Lymm Runners FS
935 Berry Ian Unattached MV50
680 Berry Lynne Unattached FV40
893 Berry Mark Unattached MS
1082 Berry Martin Warrington Road Runners MV40
434 Berry Stuart Lymm Runners MS
679 Berry Zndy Unattached MV45
248 Billington Tim Wilmslow Running Club MV50
700 Birch Gary Warrington running club MS
214 Birch Nina Wilmslow Running Club FS
1131 birch paul Unattached MS
155 Birch-Evans John Unattached MS
260 Birdsall Paul Congleton Harriers MV40
1007 Birkbeck Andy Red Rose Road Runners MV50
1008 Birkbeck Sharon Red Rose Road Runners FV50
577 Bishop David Unattached MV55
208 Bishop Gillian Unattached FV35
884 blackshaw darren Unattached MV40
421 Blacow Sam Bramhall Runners FS
594 Blair James Unattached MV45
1019 Blammon Terrie Unattached FV40
447 BLAZIER DARREN Abergele Harriers MV40
819 Blizzard Louise Belgrave Harriers FV40
629 Blood Lee Unattached MS
1078 Bolton Andrew Unattached MS
878 bond sean Unattached MS
230 Booth Paul St Helens Striders MS
162 booth anna Unattached FS
1083 Bowden Stephen Warrington Road Runners MV60
1009 Bozon Jennifer Unattached FS
871 Bradbury Debbie Unattached FV45
836 Bradbury Jamie Lymm Runners MS
492 Bradley bill Unattached MV55
493 bradley michelle Unattached FV45
104 Bradshaw Adrian Unattached MV45
1055 Brawls Stuart Unattached MS
351 Breddy Marinda Sale Harriers Manchester FV45
602 Brennan Johnny Unattached MV40
770 Briscoe Darren Unattached MS
256 Broadley Jennifer Unattached FS
660 Broadley Justine Sale Dragons FV40
1134 Brockway Maria Wirral AC FV50
1025 Brook Stephen Queensbury Running Club MV65
196 Brooker James Southport Waterloo AC MS
148 Brookes Alan South Cheshire Harriers MV55
231 Brooks Claire Warrington Running Club FV35
705 Brown Alison Warrington Road Runners FV45
1072 Brown Caroline Wigan & District H & AC FV45
1141 Brown Keith Unattached MV55
911 Brown Richard Stainland Lions Running Club MV50
1189 Brown Richard Macclesfield Harriers & AC MV45
1035 Brown Robert J South Cheshire Harriers MV45
597 Bryan Stewart Unattached MV55
721 Buckley Joanna Unattached FV55
858 Buckley Lee East cheshire harriers MS
734 Budworth Karl Unattached MV40
355 Bulmer Peter Unattached MV55
861 Burgess Edyta Winston Runners FV40
132 Burgess Tina Unattached MS
567 Burley Dave Warrington Running Club MV40
300 Burns Drew Unattached MS
1166 Burrell Raymond Unattached MV40
537 Burton Mary Lymm Runners FV50
9 Burton Peter Lymm Runners MV50
614 Butler Ashley Unattached FS
876 Byrne Gaz Unattached MS
682 Byrne Kye Warrington running club MS
347 Cairns Kevin St Helens Striders MV40
240 Cairns Martyn Unattached MS
622 Calderbank Colin Unattached MV50
1080 calderbank kelly Unattached FS
341 Cannon Chris Unattached MV60
958 Caraher Sarah Unattached FS
709 Carless Andy Unattached MV50
422 Carleton Margaret Winston Runners FV60
136 Carter Andrew West Cheshire Athletic Club MV45
1014 Carter Heather Sandbach Striders FV40
533 Carter Mike Astley and Tyldesley road runners MV55
1111 Carter Oli Spenborough & Dist AC MS
816 Cartwright Karen Warrington Running Club FV40
553 Cartwright Rachel Warrington Running Club FV35
801 Casey Louise Liverpool Running Club FS
439 Cassidy Ant Mossley Hill AC MV40
973 Caul James Unattached MV55
1130 caunce steve Unattached MV60
877 Cayton Emma Unattached FV35
576 Chadwick Paul Unattached MV55
784 Chalk Nic Unattached MS
1079 Chamberlain Nikki Knutsford Tri Club FV45
1174 Chambers Shaun Unattached MV50
490 Champney Christine Birkenhead AC FV65
915 Chapman Daniel South Cheshire Harriers MV40
188 charman michael Knowsley Harriers MV65
394 Cheetham Russ Prestatyn RC MV50
951 Cheetham Jayne Warrington Running Club FV45
1102 Chester Karl Unattached MS
454 Chester Sally Unattached FS
718 Cheyne Andrew Unattached MV45
29 Chrystie-Lowe David Stockport Harriers & AC MV55
367 Clare Aimee Jo Unattached FS
526 Clare Andrew Portishead running club MV40
294 Clare Jo Unattached FV45
133 Clare Paul Unattached MS
215 Clark Lee Penny Lane Striders MV40
380 Clark Sol Buxton AC MS
282 Clarke Gaynor Swinton Running Club FS
785 Clarke Liane Warringtonroad Runners FV50
1012 Clarkson Andrea Unattached FS
949 Clemence Jean Unattached FV65
1142 Cliffe Neil Unattached MV55
200 Clifford Mick Unattached MS
626 Cobley Giles Unattached MS
1106 cohen mark Unattached MV50
54 Cole Lesley South Cheshire Harriers FV60
55 Cole Melvyn South Cheshire Harriers MV60
1153 Coles Beth Unattached FS
701 Coll Jerry Warrington road runners MV40
360 Collier Anthony Styal Running Club MV55
584 Collins Adrian Unattached MV45
1023 Collins Andrew Unattached MS
105 Collins Paul Stockport Harriers & AC MV45
1088 Connelly Thomas Unattached MS
480 Connolly Gemma St Helens Sutton AC FS
744 Connolly Shea Unattached MS
795 Connor Joseph Bramhall Runners MS
288 convery john Bingley Harriers & AC MV50
227 COOKE JOAN Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners FV40
570 Cooper Amy Lymm Runners FS
948 Cooper Becky Unattached FS
1094 Cooper Julie Warrington Running Club FV50
624 Cooper Stephen Unattached MS
857 Corfield Amy St. Helens Sutton AC FS
376 Corlett Steven Unattached MS
588 Cornes David Unattached MV45
941 Costain Richard Penny Lane Striders MS
1126 Costello Martin Unattached MV45
625 Costigan Cora Unattached FS
420 Coton Katharine Unattached FV40
419 Coton Simon Unattached MV40
1061 coulthard mark South Cheshire Harriers MS
651 Crawley Caroline Unattached FS
650 Crawley Mathew Unattached MS
443 Crean Paul Congleton Harriers MV55
756 Critchlow Nicola Warrington Running club FV40
562 Croall John Lymm Runners MV55
563 Croall Louise Lymm Runners FV50
647 Croft Jamie Unattached MS
840 croft matt Unattached MS
547 Crompton Dominique Lymm Runners FS
21 Cross Ste Unattached MS
247 Crossland Mark Wilmslow Running Club MV45
13 Crossley Kelly Warrington A C FV35
500 Cullen Dawn Unattached FV35
43 Cummings Grant Wolverhampton & Bilston MS
116 Curley Will Unattached MV45
804 Damerum Jane Dragons running club (Sale) FV40
907 Daniels Matthew Unattached MS
1085 darlington david Unattached MV55
889 Davenport Stephen Unattached MV40
963 Davidson Lana South Cheshire Harriers FS
601 davies brian Unattached MV50
1125 Davies Cat Unattached FS
1154 Davies Dave Unattached MV50
699 Davies Helen Widnes Wasps LRC FV45
1059 Davies Paul Unattached MS
164 Davies Richard Unattached MV40
197 Davies Simon Unattached MV45
165 Davies Tracey Unattached FV35
95 Davin Jamie Unattached MS
353 Davis Steve Unattached MV40
824 Dawson Andrea Unattached FV45
274 Dawson Bronwyn Unattached FS
410 Dawson Jim Lymm Runners MV50
591 Dawson Susan Unattached FV35
887 Day Jeff Northwich Running Club MS
1115 de Vries Franciska Unattached FV35
693 Dean David Unattached MV50
430 Deeming Stacey Unattached FV35
542 Dennen Craig Warrington Running Club MV45
475 Derbyshire Sarah Unattached FV40
299 Devine Andy Macclesfield Harriers & AC MV50
298 Devine Dawn Macclesfield Harriers & AC FV50
1170 Devine Graham Unattached MS
326 Dewhirst Paul Pudsey Pacers RC MV50
548 Dickinson Julian Lymm runners MV40
1180 DICKINSON KEVIN Unattached MV65
1002 Dineen Christopher Unattached MS
499 Dineen Graham Unattached MV50
498 Dineen Karen Unattached FV40
49 Dinsmor Alexis Pennine Fell Runners FV65
1028 Dixon Mike Stockport Harriers & AC MS
769 Dobson Jonathan Unattached MS
250 Dodd Dave Unattached MV40
863 Donelan Graham Unattached MV50
488 Donthamsetty Tripthi Unattached FV35
517 Doody Sue Warrington Running Club FV35
923 Dooley Andrew Styal Running Club MV55
1041 Doran Sean Stockport Harriers & AC MS
585 Dorenlot Frederic. Unattached MV45
772 Doroszkiewicz Helen Unattached FV40
195 Downes Robert Unattached MV45
881 Dowthwaite Elena Unattached FS
974 Duncan Andrew Unattached MV40
975 Duncan Lynsey Unattached MS
612 Dunn Keith Unattached MV60
978 Dunning Gareth Unattached MS
38 Dunning Nick South Cheshire Harriers MV45
828 Durkin Michael Unattached MV40
899 Dykes Linda Warrington AC FV55
897 Earnshaw Alicia Unattached FS
82 Eastwood Ashley Trawden Athletic Club MV50
558 Eaton Fiona Lymm Runners FV45
312 Eccles Neil Unattached MV40
572 Eckersley Kelley Unattached FS
621 edge andrew Unattached MS
1021 Edge Ian Warrington Road Runners MV50
1124 Edwards Caroline Unattached FS
457 Edwards Craig Unattached MV40
673 Edwards Louise Unattached FV35
486 Edwards Luke Hyde Village Striders MS
1127 edwards sarah Wigan & District H & AC FV40
468 Edwards Steve Unattached MV45
89 Egerton Neil Unattached MV50
1144 elkington stephanie Unattached FS
56 Elliott Rosa Sale Harriers Manchester FV55
238 Ellis Janine Wilmslow Running Club FV45
139 Ellison John Unattached MS
352 elstone robert Unattached MV50
1165 Emmerson Neal Radcliffe AC MS
1030 Eveling Barbara Unattached FV70
796 Fairbanks Robert Royton Road Runners MS
68 Fairclough Ann-marie Bramhall Runners FV50
440 Fairclough Dave Unattached MS
904 fairclough steve Bramhall Runners MV50
969 Fairhurst Ian Unattached MS
124 Fairhurst Joanne Wigan & District H & AC FV35
237 Fairs Mick Wilmslow Running Club MV65
311 Fallows Luciana Unattached FV45
80 Falls Chris Warrington Running Club MV40
431 Faulkner Trevor Wilmslow Running Club MV70
20 fawcett mark anthony Trawden Athletic Club MV40
156 Fazal Jackie Unattached FS
583 Fell Carol Unattached FV65
24 Fell Melanie Unattached FV40
233 Fenton Simon Wilmslow Running Club MV70
315 Ferguson Sinead Sale Harriers Manchester FV40
962 Fergusson Vicki Chorlton Runners FS
481 Fieldmouse Bex Hatton Darts FS
607 Fillingham Tony Unattached MV40
223 Finegan Neil Helsby Running Club MV40
696 Finlay Gareth Warrington Running Club MS
633 Firth Clare Unattached FV35
707 Fisher Jonathan Liverpool Running Club MS
856 Fishwick Andy Unattached MS
501 Fitzsimon Rachel Warrington Running Club FV35
752 Flaherty Collette St Helens Sutton AC FV40
743 Fluskey Richard Unattached MV40
504 Flynn Rachael Warrington Running Club FV35
812 Foote Simon Unattached MV45
134 Forster Beckie Unattached MS
158 forth bryan Warrington Road Runners MV45
546 Fothergill Lisa Lymm Runners FV35
279 Fox Martin Unattached MV40
378 Fox Jamie Unattached FV35
239 Frankland Richard Unattached MV40
330 French Vikki Unattached FV35
60 Frith David Unattached MV45
382 Gannon Mark Unattached MS
722 Gartside Michael Unattached MS
160 garvey jim Penny Lane Striders MV70
222 Gawthorne Lisa Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC FV35
257 geering janos Unattached MV40
1060 George Chris Unattached MS
90 Gerrard Andrew Warrington Road Runners MV50
381 Gerrard Hannah Unattached FS
83 gibbons christine Bramhall Runners FV55
329 Gibbons Darren Unattached MV40
782 Gibbons Gavin Unattached MV40
84 Gibbons Michael Bramhall Runners MV55
313 Gibson Elspeth Wilmslow Running Club FV45
415 Gilbert Christopher Unattached MS
87 gilbert geoff Unattached MV60
684 Gilbert John Kent AC MS
645 Gilbert Matthew Unattached MS
755 Gilgannon James Warrington Running Club MS
815 Gill Colin Unattached MV45
535 Gillibrand Kevin Warrington Road Runners MV50
1116 Gilliland Rachel Macclesfield Harriers & AC FV45
283 Gilmore Alix Unattached FS
93 Glover amanda Warrington Running Club FV35
839 Glover Bethany Unattached FS
92 Glover Dave Warrington Running Club MS
1163 Gloyne-Phillips Ian West Cheshire Athletic Club MV40
531 Gold Adele Kirkby Milers AC FV40
954 Goode Roger Unattached MV50
955 Goode Roger Unattached MV50
1063 GORSKI ADAM Unattached MS
779 Gough Richard Unattached MV40
359 Goulding Georgina Unattached FV35
266 Gowin David Unattached MV45
15 Gowin Helen Macclesfield Harriers & AC FV50
512 Grace Antony Warrington running club MV40
511 Grace Jennifer Warrington Running Run FV35
52 Graham Chris South Cheshire Harriers MS
692 Graney Barry St Helens Sutton AC MV45
270 grannan patrick Wilmslow Running Club MV65
740 Greaves Tom Warrington Road Runners MS
497 Green Chris Unattached MV45
458 Green Jan Unattached FV60
559 Green Mark Warrington running club MV45
554 green mike wallasey ac MV40
786 Green Tony Liverpool Harriers & AC MV55
1010 Green Zak Unattached MS
761 Greenhalgh Andy Unattached MV40
408 Gregory Jennifer Unattached FS
407 Gregory Mike Unattached MS
1044 Gregory Paul Unattached MV40
773 GREGSON JULES Unattached FV40
764 Grehan Denise Warrington Road Runners FV35
395 Griffiths Adrian Unattached MS
417 Griffiths Brian Arthur Ellesmere Port RC MV60
375 Griffiths Dewi Fylde Coast Runners MV55
874 Griffiths Howard Unattached MV55
746 Griffiths Joanne Warrington running club FV35
111 Grigorjevs Claire Unattached FS
50 Grigorjevs Tony Unattached MS
965 grimmer andrew Unattached MV40
319 Grimshaw Donna Unattached FS
1017 Groves Stephen Unattached MS
1089 Guest Debbie Warrington Running Club FV40
1159 Gurney Paul Unattached MV40
187 Guthrie Jill Manchester YMCA Harriers FS
495 Hackett Simon Unattached MV55
687 haddock jim haddock Warrington Road Runners MV40
218 Hadfield Tom Unattached MS
599 haggett chris Unattached MV70
870 Haggett Roy Unattached MS
354 Hails Tony Unattached MV55
507 Hall Brian Warrington running club MV50
472 Hall Fiona Widnes Running Club FV35
153 Hall John Unattached MS
91 Hall Laura Unattached FS
425 Hall Richard Bramhall Runners MV45
575 Halliday Dawn Unattached FS
416 Hambleton Sheila Unattached FV65
100 Hamer Stephen Unattached MV40
674 Hamer-Davies Elizabeth Unattached FV50
147 Hamilton Jackie Team Isabella Running Club FV65
145 Hamilton Jayne Team Isabella Running Club FV45
284 Hamlett Peter Knowsley Harriers MV50
1132 Hammond Thomas Unattached MS
627 Hampton Tom Unattached MV55
1011 Hancock Paul South Cheshire Harriers MV45
869 Haney Andrew Unattached MV40
76 Hankin Andrew Unattached MS
75 Hankin Catherine Unattached FS
8 Hankin Gary Unattached MV45
522 Hanmer Carol Warrington Running Club FV45
515 Harden Kayleigh Warrington Running Club FS
366 Harden Tim Congleton Harriers MV45
1119 Harding Claire Dragons Running Club (Sale) FV35
1181 Harding Imogen Black Pear Joggers FS
120 Hardman Alex Unattached MS
317 Hardman Craig Unattached MS
916 Hardman David Unattached MV50
316 Hardman Sarah Unattached FV35
489 Hardy Tony Unattached MV55
694 Hargreaves Paul Unattached MV40
1139 Hargreaves Tim Stockport Harriers & AC MV55
384 Harrington Michael Vale Royal AC MV40
708 Harrison Anthony Winston Runners MV50
1196 Harrison Ben Prestatyn RC MS
817 Harrison Claire South Cheshire Harriers FV40
356 Harrison David Unattached MV65
166 Harrison Gareth Unattached MS
842 Harrison Joe Unattached MS
241 Harrison Louisa Wilmslow Running Club FV40
6 Harrison Paul Unattached MV50
350 harrison rebecca Unattached FS
369 Harrison Stephen Village RR MV40
243 Harrison Carole Altrincham & District AC FV50
244 Harrison Graham Altrincham & District AC MV55
321 Harrison-Jones Roger Prestatyn RC MV75
469 Hartley David Ellesmere Port RC MS
818 Hassall Chris South Cheshire Harriers MS
767 Hatton Ann marie Unattached FV40
1113 Hatton Lewis Unattached MS
1169 Haworth Andy Bramhall Runners MV40
33 Hayden Dawn Unattached FV45
152 Hayward Andrea Unattached FV35
712 Heavey Elizabeth Unattached FV35
711 Heavey Mark Warrington Road Runners MV40
1029 Heaword Phil Bramhall Runners MS
1013 Hebblethwaite Claire Knutsford Tri Club FV35
345 Hebblethwaite Ian Unattached MS
335 Hempsall-Bell Debora Unattached FV40
768 Hewitt Ian Unattached MV45
926 Heywood Rob Marple Runners MV50
73 HEYWOOD TAMARIN Unattached FV35
505 Hibbitts John Warrington running club MS
777 Hickman Jackie Warrington Running Club FV50
115 Higgins Phil Unattached MS
88 Highton Mike Unattached MV50
192 Higson Peter Unattached MV45
127 Hill Gail Wilmslow Running Club FV40
841 Hillary Gemma Unattached FS
653 hills victoria Unattached FV45
681 Hilton Anthony Lymm Runners MV40
717 Hilton Zoe Unattached FV50
47 Himsworth Robyn Unattached FS
435 Hindle Norman South Cheshire Harriers MV65
97 Hirons Carolyn Wilmslow Running Club FV50
450 Hoare Jamie Unattached MS
51 Hobbs David Unattached MV55
831 Hodgkin Barry Unattached MS
794 Hodgson Christopher Warrington Running Club MS
875 Holden DAVID Unattached MV45
758 Holden Paul Warrington Running Club MS
44 Holden Stuart Unattached MV40
383 Holding Neil West Pennine Runners MV55
580 Holland Paul Unattached MV45
178 Hollis Stephen Unattached MV60
137 Holmes Tony Liverpool Running Club MV55
747 Holmes Vicci Unattached FS
778 Holt Tim Steel City Striders MS
291 Hook Christian Wilmslow Running Club MV40
332 Hook David South Cheshire Harriers MS
1067 Hopkins Katy Unattached FS
464 Hopkinson Ian Radcliffe AC MV40
1179 horne ken Unattached MV70
98 horsfall anthony St Helens Striders MV50
99 horsfall pauline St Helens Striders FV55
1056 Houghton David Kirkby Milers AC MS
334 Houghton George Unattached MS
432 Houghton John Unattached MV55
333 Houghton Lynette Unattached FV45
102 Houghton Richard Unattached MS
1054 howard david Trawden Athletic Club MV60
255 Howard Helen Unattached FV45
1173 Howarth Paul Warrington Running Club MS
656 Howarth Sarita Unattached FV40
336 Howlett Rebecca South Cheshire Harriers FS
235 Hudson Pat South Cheshire Harriers MS
463 hughes david Prestatyn RC MV75
1120 Hughes David Penny Lane Striders MV50
45 Hulmes Paul Unattached MS
453 Hunt Craig Wilmslow Running Club MV45
760 hunt james Unattached MS
967 Hunter Diane E Altrincham & District AC FV50
966 Hunter Mark J Altrincham & District AC MV55
774 Hunter Rachel Unattached FV40
668 Hussain Yasmin Lymm Running Club FV45
739 Hutchinson Laura Unattached FS
264 Inman Carla Unattached FS
138 Insley Vicki Unattached FS
118 Isted Vicky Unattached FS
1043 Jabateh Stephanie Unattached FS
524 jack amanda warrington running club FV40
613 Jackson Adam Unattached MV40
728 jackson amanda Unattached FV45
207 Jackson Christopher Unattached MV55
641 Jackson Lisa Unattached FV45
538 Jackson Paul Warrington Running Club MS
632 Jackson Philip Unattached MV50
944 Jaeski Anneli Unattached FS
16 James Deborah Unattached FV45
203 James Keith Unattached MS
854 Jardine Simon Warrington Running Club MS
293 Jarvis Angelina Unattached FS
1187 Jarvis Josephine Unattached FV35
644 jarvis mark Unattached MV40
503 Jefferies lisa Warrington Running Club FV45
1033 Jenkins James Unattached MS
254 Jenkins Julie Unattached FV50
307 Jensen Andrew Unattached MS
114 Johns Daniel Unattached MS
202 Johns Ruth Unattached FV35
661 Johnson Andrew Unattached MV40
159 Johnson Glynn Unattached MS
703 Johnson Kirsty Glossopdale Harriers FS
320 johnson leslie Razzer's Runners MV45
295 Johnson Liam Unattached MS
106 Johnson Ricky Unattached MS
189 johnson robert Southport Waterloo AC MV60
741 Johnson Ste Unattached MS
107 Johnson Steve Unattached MV60
799 Johnson-Higgs Clare Unattached FV40
968 Johnston Matt Unattached MS
403 Johnston Jo Unattached FV40
479 Jolley Phil Warrington Running Club MV45
37 Jones Chris Vale Royal AC MS
971 Jones David Unattached MS
1117 Jones Emma Unattached FS
1104 Jones Gethin Cybi Striders MS
446 Jones Graham Unattached MV55
206 Jones Greg Unattached MS
573 Jones Huw Unattached MV55
183 Jones Jo Unattached FV40
530 Jones Karen Warrington Running Club FV45
928 Jones Kerry Unattached FV35
1128 jones lindsey Wigan & District H & AC FS
225 Jones Rachel South Cheshire Harriers FV35
855 Jones Rawdon Unattached MV40
921 Jones Sheila Radcliffe AC FV60
929 Jones Tony Unattached MV50
657 Jones Tracey Dragons RC ( Sale ) FV35
753 Jones-Barnes Andrew Unattached MV50
459 Joyner Lesley Unattached FV45
1103 Kay Nicola Buckley RC FS
86 Keay Angie Unattached FS
85 Keay Jonathan Unattached MS
675 Kell Alistair Sale Harriers MV45
285 Kelleher Jim South Cheshire Harriers MV55
862 Kelly Steven Liverpool Running Club MS
957 Kelly Steven Unattached MS
883 Kelsey Peter Unattached MS
1016 Kendall Janet Unattached FV65
262 Kenwright Ben Unattached MS
790 Keogh Martin Unattached MS
251 Kestrel (Chan) Daniel Barnsley Athletic Club MS
289 Kettle Andrew South Cheshire Harriers MV45
216 KETTLE HELEN South Cheshire Harriers FV40
309 Kime Georgia Unattached FS
860 King Anita Warrington Running Club FV50
640 King Beatriz Unattached FV40
473 Kinsman Huw Unattached MS
946 Kolaczyk Daniel Unattached MS
1004 Kozer Nicola Widnes Running Club FS
611 Kozer Will Widnes Running Club MS
807 Krajewski Adam Unattached MS
685 Krajewski Andrzej Unattached MS
885 Kurp Joanna Unattached FV35
1076 lambert charles Unattached MS
22 Latham Jean Unattached FV40
426 Lawes Ann Unattached FV50
1037 Laxton Michael Unattached MS
346 leahair paul Unattached MS
180 Leather John Warrington Running Club MS
672 Lee Shelley Macclesfield Harriers FV45
895 Lees Matthew Unattached MS
327 Leslie Alex Unattached MS
1184 Lewis Brenda Styal Running Club FV55
358 Lewis Emma Unattached FV35
1024 Lewis Heather Unattached FS
586 Lightfoot Jane Unattached FS
1 Lingley-Heath Nicola Warrington Running Club FS
1053 Littler Andrew Unattached MV45
462 Littler Paul Unattached MS
932 Livesey Chris Salford Harriers & AC MS
198 lloyd Damien Unattached MV45
171 Lloyd Lisa Warrington Running Club FV45
846 Lloyd Peter Lymm Runners MV55
17 Lockett Michael Unattached MV45
252 Lockett Paul Winston Runners MV40
888 Logan Ben Warrington Road Runners MS
190 Lomas Steve Macclesfield Harriers & AC MV45
245 Lomax Bobbie Warrington Running Club FV40
185 Lomax Jayne Vale Royal AC FV45
476 Longley Kirsty Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC FV40
373 Longmore Amy Wilmslow Running Club FS
947 Lowe Dave Unattached MS
272 Lucas Julie Wilmslow Running Club FV50
455 Lucock Jules Warrington Running Club FS
1091 Lynch Marie Unattached FV45
635 Lynskey Paul Unattached MV50
397 Lyon Roger Unattached MV60
898 Lyons Matthew Unattached MV40
253 lythe tony Sale Harriers Manchester MV70
1070 MacDonald James Wilmslow Running Club MV45
204 Maciver Alex Unattached MS
1135 MacNeill Claire Stockport Harriers & AC FV40
805 Madden Haylie Unattached FS
749 Maddocks Andrew Lymm Runners MS
720 Maddocks Joanna Unattached FV35
1018 Madew Colin Unattached MS
579 Magee Laura Unattached FV35
838 Magee Will Warrington Road Runners MS
487 Maher Jane Bramhall Runners FV55
506 mairs Rach Liverpool running club FS
970 Mairs Stuart Salford Metropolitan AC MS
598 Makin Ron Unattached MV45
1167 Mann Vincent Unattached MV40
901 Marcelino Leticia Unattached FS
900 Marcelino Rodrigo Unattached MS
797 Marklove Paul Warrington running club MS
485 Marron Ciaran Unattached MS
142 Marsh David Southport Waterloo AC MV55
143 Marsh Jan Southport Waterloo AC FV60
32 MARSH STEPHEN Unattached MS
823 marsh William Unattached MV65
18 Marshall Catriona Wilmslow Running Club FV45
374 Marshall Gwenda Fylde Coast Runners FV55
117 Marshall Lorraine Unattached FV40
361 Marshall-Smart Christine Unattached FV55
112 Martell Dan Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited MS
78 martin caroline Unattached FV45
79 martin Darren Unattached MV45
1136 Martin Jack Unattached MS
1074 Martin Steve Unattached MV40
525 Martini Laura Portishead running club FV40
119 Mason Danielle Warrington Running Club FS
229 Mason Diane South Cheshire Harriers FV50
28 Mason Paul Wigan & District H & AC MS
46 Massey Hilary Unattached FV55
514 Matthews Audra warrington running club FV45
368 Matthews Ben Unattached MS
261 Matthews Michelle Congleton Harriers FV35
154 MATTHEWS Sarah Warrington Road Runners FV35
1168 McAdam Craig Unattached MS
339 McAdam Les Unattached MV60
340 McAdam Louise Unattached FV50
1123 McAlroy Michael Unattached MS
494 McAnulty Stephen Unattached MV40
96 McCarron Bernard Wilmslow Running Club MV50
1101 McCarthy Angela Wilmslow Running Club FV55
814 McCarthy Michael Unattached MS
184 McCarty Louise Unattached FV40
1176 McCreedy Margaret Unattached FV45
849 mcdermott james Unattached MS
571 McDermott Sarah Lymm Runners FV35
81 McDonald John Trawden Athletic Club MV50
587 Mcdonnell Janice Unattached FV50
912 McElroy Christopher Mossley Hill AC MS
939 McGee Tony Unattached MV60
688 Mcglynn Andy Unattached MS
663 McGlynn James Unattached MV65
1051 Mcgoldrick Helena St Helens Sutton AC FV50
1052 McGoldrick Maria St Helens Sutton AC FS
1114 McGrath Joe Penny Lane Striders MV55
550 McGrath Rob Southport Waterloo AC MV50
176 McGraw Neil Glossopdale Harriers MV40
175 McGraw Neville Glossopdale Harriers MV70
750 Mcgreavy Sandra Warrington RC FV55
174 McIntyre Callum Unattached MV45
357 McKay Katrina Unattached FS
23 Mckeirnon Kay Unattached FV40
864 Mclay Hugh Fylde coast runners MV55
658 McLellan Ian Unattached MV40
914 McMahon Mike Warrington Road Runners MV50
436 McQueen Sally Unattached FV40
1199 McShane Coral Prestatyn RC FS
634 mcwhirter paul Unattached MV45
1049 Mead Donna Unattached FV35
399 Melvin Andy Stockport Harriers MV45
604 Meredew Carmel Unattached FV40
63 Merrell Ian Unattached MV45
689 Metcalfe Mike Warrington running club MS
730 Miles Alan Fetch Everyone MV65
945 Miles Edward Unattached MS
220 Miles Jenny Winston Runners FV65
544 Millington Debbie Warrington Running Club FV35
552 Millington John Warrington Running Club MV40
302 Mills Bridget Unattached FS
539 Mills Sarah Chester Road Runners FS
691 Milner Sarah Unattached FS
1015 Moffatt Ian Unattached MV40
793 Moir-Riches Phill Unattached MS
1151 Molloy Mark Warrington Road Runners MV45
654 molyneux sidney picton sports centre MV65
979 moore Craig Unattached MS
776 Moore Helen Widnes Wasps LRC FV45
1032 Moore Jacqui Unattached FV40
1031 Moore Perry Warrington Road Runners MV40
590 Moors Hilary Unattached FV40
482 Moran John Unattached MS
1200 Morgans Gemma Eryri Harriers FS
306 Morris Andrea Unattached FV45
31 Morris David South Cheshire Harriers MS
1195 Morris John Denbigh Harriers MS
930 Morris Lindsay South Cheshire Harriers FS
879 Morris Ruth Chorlton Runners FS
1183 Morton Michael Vegan Runners UK MV45
131 Moss Joanne Unattached FS
144 Moss Joanne Congleton Harriers FV45
491 mowat nicky Wilmslow Running Club FV55
1093 Mulholland Keith Macclesfield Harriers & AC MV50
1197 Muller Anest W. Cheshire AC FV35
67 Murden Brendan Unattached MV65
371 Murphy Ray Liverpool Running Club MV45
167 Murphy Sarah Vale Royal AC FV35
1005 Murphy vikki Bramhall Runners FV45
859 Murray Greg Widnes Running Club MV45
388 Murray Louise Warrington Running Club FV35
478 Murray Philip Penny Lane Striders MV75
389 Murray Richard Warrington Running Club MV40
891 Murray Sara Unattached FS
850 Mutch Kerry Unattached FV50
683 Myler Alan Widnes Running Club MS
328 Nalder David Ellesmere Port RC MV60
578 Napier Lynsey Unattached FV40
36 Naulty Anthony Stockport Harriers & AC MV55
1036 Naylor Richard Unattached MS
589 Neary Yvonne Unattached FV50
827 Needle Dawn Unattached FV40
826 Needle john Unattached MV45
676 nelson jane lymm runners FV45
249 Newbould Darren Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield MV45
4 Newey Miranda Warrington Road Runners FS
848 Newland Mark Unattached MS
1026 Newsome Amanda Unattached FS
19 Newstead Elizabeth Unattached FV35
677 newton kenny Unattached MV40
386 Nicholls Graeme Unattached MS
1027 Nicoll gordon Altrincham & District AC MV50
631 nisbet chris Unattached MS
1122 Noakes James Macclesfield Harriers & AC MV45
325 Noakes John Unattached MV75
638 Norman Emma Unattached FV40
729 Norman Tim Styal Running Club MV55
1155 Norris John Bramhall Runners MV50
1185 Norton Sarah Unattached FV50
608 Norviss Janis Unattached MS
803 Nugent Andy Unattached MS
318 Nuttall Tim Unattached MV45
281 O'Brien Kevin Penny Lane Striders MV75
1077 O'Brien Kevin Clayton-le-Moors Harriers MV70
276 O'Brien Mike Unattached MV55
323 O'Grady Mike Unattached MS
163 O'hare chloe Unattached FS
451 O'Neill Peter Unattached MV50
194 O'Reilly Aidan Unattached MV40
596 oldfield robert Unattached MV45
943 Ormesher Kelly Unattached FS
595 Owen Dave Unattached MV45
1175 Owen Stanley Salford Harriers & AC MV60
639 Owen Stephen Unattached MS
181 Page Matt Unattached MV40
1048 Paliwoda Dawid Unattached MS
308 Palmer Ruud Chorlton Runners MS
205 Paramor Jonathan Manchester YMCA Harriers MV60
292 Pardoe Richard Unattached MS
508 Parker Lauren Warrington running club FS
620 parker nick Unattached MS
906 Parkin Robert Unattached MS
182 parr michelle Unattached FS
1198 Parry Katie Leeds City A.C. FS
474 Parry Samantha Unattached FS
25 Parsons Carol Ellesmere Port RC FV35
529 Pass Ian St Helens Sutton MV40
919 Patel Girish Salford Metropolitan AC MV45
843 Patiniott Anthony Unattached MV45
908 Pattenden Gareth Unattached MS
809 Payler Mark Darwen Dashers RC MS
510 Peacock Neil Warrington Running Club MV40
342 Peake Graham Unattached MV50
502 Pearson Haze Warrington Running Club FV40
157 Pedersen Grant Unattached MS
1112 Peers Rachael Wilmslow Running Club FS
456 Pendlebury Mark Unattached MV55
1075 Penney Andy Styal Running Club MV45
892 pennington john Widnes Running Club MV45
754 Peters Martin Unattached MV45
820 Phillips Emma Unattached FS
271 Phillips david South Cheshire Harriers MS
751 Phoenix Shaun St Helens Striders MS
757 Pickersgill Leanne Unattached FS
400 Pickford stephen Warrington Running Club MV45
433 Pickles James Unattached MS
917 pierce jason Unattached MV45
1069 Pilarczyk Marcin Unattached MS
603 Pilkington Jack Unattached MS
664 Pinnington Ian Mossley Hill AC MV50
985 Platt Russ Warrington Road Runners MV50
1160 Plevin Louise Warrington Running Club FS
513 Plumb Lindsay Warrington Running Club FS
616 Pollard Ian Unattached MS
61 Poole Catherine Manchester Harriers & AC FV40
128 Poole Dan Unattached MS
832 Poole Kate Chorlton Runners FS
834 Poole Kate Chorlton Runners FS
35 Poole Susan South Cheshire Harriers FV45
129 porteous john Wilmslow Running Club MV60
714 Potts Luke Warrington Road Runners MS
1003 Povey Mark West Cheshire Athletic Club MV45
27 Powell Diana Bramhall Runners FV60
788 Power Melanie Macclesfield Harriers AC FV45
441 Preddy Andrew Unattached MS
259 Price Hilary Widnes Running Club FV45
618 Priestley Richard Unattached MV45
199 Prince Adam Unattached MS
821 prince chris Warrington Running Club MS
783 Psonka Krzysztof Unattached MS
370 Pyatt Francis Macclesfield Harriers & AC MS
186 Rainford Harry Penny Lane Striders MV70
442 Rainsford Daniel Unattached MS
666 Rashud Adam Unattached MV35
671 Rashud Adam Unattached MS
924 Rayner Claire Bramhall Runners FS
1147 Raynos Kalli Unattached FV35
59 Reading Mark Unattached MV40
191 Reagan Helen Sale Harriers Manchester FV45
427 Redfearn Simon Unattached MV60
236 Reeve Louise Unattached FV40
428 Reid Allison Prestatyn RC FV40
1006 Rendell Nicholas Unattached MS
925 Rennie Helen Bramhall Runners FS
617 Reynolds Steve Unattached MS
385 Rice Karen Hedge End Running Club FV40
234 Richards Kristina Unattached FS
364 Richardson Alexandra Unattached FS
324 Richardson Carol Unattached FV50
518 Rickart Dave Warrington Running Club MV50
642 Rider Chris Manchester Road Runners MV40
780 Riding Adam Unattached MS
42 Rigby Joanne Unattached FV40
698 Ritchie Paul Warrington Running Club MS
201 Roberts Carl Unattached MV40
1042 Roberts Graham Unattached MV60
146 Roberts Ian Team Isabella Running Club MV45
1071 Roberts James Unattached MV55
3 Roberts Les Unattached MV55
1194 Roberts Owen Eryri Harriers MS
267 Roberts Paul Unattached MV40
1073 Roberts Simon Buckley RC MV45
1145 Roberts Daniel Unattached MS
894 Robinson Joanne Widnes Running Club FV45
150 Robinson Lindsey Unattached FS
7 Robinson Neil Unattached MV40
710 Roden Steve Penny Lane Striders MV45
936 Rogers James Unattached MS
937 Rogers Paul Unattached MS
12 Rogers Rosemary West Cheshire Athletic Club FV65
1081 Rooke Jamie Unattached MV40
808 Rooney Ian Unattached MS
561 Ross Sonia Warrington Running Club FV35
1022 Rosthorn Paul Trawden Athletic Club MV40
630 Rothwell Leon Unattached MV40
643 Rowbottom Jason Lymm Runners MV45
305 Rowlandson Sam Unattached MS
1039 Rowlinson Matt Vale Royal AC MS
263 Rudge Megan Unattached FS
437 Rushton Maria Marple Runners FV50
438 Rushton Simon Marple Runners MV50
365 Russell Andrew Unattached MV55
1110 russell ben Unattached MS
62 Russell Ellen Unattached FS
1109 Russell Ian Penny Lane Striders MV50
1099 Ryan Yvonne Unattached FV35
1192 Ryder Alex Prestatyn RC MS
344 Sanderson Matt Warrington Running Club MV40
343 Sanderson Sue Warrington Running Club FV45
619 Sangan Mark Unattached MV50
872 Sankey Andrew Unattached MV40
678 Saunders Graham Manchester Harriers & AC MS
890 Saunders Peter Unattached MV40
1064 savage paul Unattached MV60
1065 savage Stephanie Unattached FS
1121 Sawrey Michael Unattached MS
725 Schaefer Andrew Unattached MV40
391 Scott David Unattached MV50
390 Scott Jack Unattached MS
290 Scott Jonathan Unattached MS
726 Scouler Ian Unattached MV50
652 Scully Daniel Unattached MS
1140 Seal Brian Village RR MS
822 Sealey Scott CITY OF CHESTER TRI MV40
541 Seddon Roger Warrington Running Club MV50
532 Seddon Sarah Widnes Wasp Ladies R C FV50
868 Sellers Thomas Lymm Runners MV40
1118 Seymour Gaynor Lymm Runners FV40
852 Shannon Ged Liverpool Runnning Club MV70
690 Sharland Thomas Unattached MS
445 Shaughnessy Steve Stockport Harriers & AC MV60
981 Shaw Amanda Unattached FV35
581 Shaw Brian Unattached MS
1161 Shaw Cathy Unattached FV40
886 Shaw Craig Unattached MS
1105 Shaw Daniel Bolton United Harriers & AC MS
560 Shaw Dawn Warrington running club FV40
982 Shaw Ian Unattached MS
377 Shaw Joanne Unattached FV35
896 Shaw Rhiannon Unattached FS
1038 Shawcross Mark Unattached MV50
1150 shearer david Unattached MS
2 Sheedy Sheila Unattached FV60
1095 Shelbourne Andrew Widnes Running Club MS
297 Sherman Stephen Unattached MV50
800 Shillabeer Emma St Helens Tri FV40
536 Shillabeer Matt St Helens Tri MV40
806 Shipley Peter Sale Harriers Manchester MS
1148 Sholinghur Hari Lymm Runners MS
362 SHORROCK DOROTHY Trawden Athletic Club FV60
268 Sim Charlotte Unattached FS
649 Simm Rachel St Helens Striders FS
296 simpson james South Cheshire Harriers MV40
363 Sims Brian Unattached MS
961 Sinclair Teresa Winston Runners FV55
845 Skelton Alex Unattached FS
748 Skelton Mark Penny Lane Striders MV55
404 Skelton Claire Unattached FV35
483 Slodowicz Adam Salford Harriers & AC MS
392 Smith Andrew Unattached MV45
606 Smith Andy Unattached MV40
980 SMITH CAROLYN Lymm Runners FV50
26 smith helen Vale Royal AC FV45
219 Smith Jerry Sale Harriers Manchester MV60
135 Smith Joanne Unattached FV35
393 Smith Julie Unattached FV45
905 Smith Michael Lymm Runners MV50
1152 Smith Michael Unattached MS
847 Smith Peter Unattached MV40
280 Smith Toby Marple Runners MV40
304 Smith Matthew South Cheshire Harriers MV40
401 smith porritt mark Hyde Village Striders MV40
212 Smithers Helen Warrington Running Club FV40
213 Smithers James Unattached MS
697 Smyth Kevin Liveroiik Runnung Club MS
322 Snell Kevin Unattached MS
141 Snowden Rebecca Unattached FS
331 Sodha Selina South Cheshire Harriers FS
564 Sogbetun Rebecca warrington Running Club FV45
565 Sogbetun Victor Warrington Running Club MV45
759 Sparkes Viki Unattached FS
418 Speake peter Unattached MV40
959 Spencer Alan Knowsley Harriers MV55
609 Spencer Cathy Unattached FV50
781 Spotswood Tina Unattached FV35
940 Squires Naomi South Cheshire Harriers FS
303 Stanton Michael Unattached MS
1096 Steel Paul Congleton Harriers MV45
269 Stepanous Jessica Unattached FS
1108 Stephenson John Glossopdale Harriers MV55
727 stevens antony Unattached MV50
1172 Stevens Mike South Cheshire Harriers MV60
71 Stevens Helen Chorlton Runners FV40
275 Stevenson Laura Lymm Runners FV45
830 Stockton Paul Unattached MS
121 Stokoe Vanessa Macclesfield Harriers & AC FV45
1040 Struelens Vince Unattached MV45
1100 Stubbings David Styal Running Club MV50
72 Styles Rebecca Bramhall Runners FV40
34 SUSAN WARREN Unattached FV45
242 Sutton Lauren Warrington A C FS
798 Sutton Ryan Warrington Athletics Club MS
409 Swain John Unattached MS
221 Swales Jan Widnes Running Club FV55
465 Sweeney Dan Unattached MS
108 Swensson Martin Penny Lane Striders MV40
53 Swinbank Janet South Cheshire Harriers FV45
41 Swinnerton Shelagh South Cheshire Harriers FV65
65 Symons Stephen Manchester YMCA Harriers MV50
396 Taktak Diane St Helens Tri FV45
933 tate ian Lytham St Annes RR Club MS
1050 Taylor Alice Marple Runners FS
636 Taylor Daniel Unattached MS
704 Taylor John Unattached MV45
1057 Taylor Lewis Unattached MS
1171 Taylor Mal Penny Lane Striders MV40
338 taylor mark South Cheshire Harriers MV50
927 Taylor Sandra Unattached FS
161 Taylor Spencer Daniel Unattached MS
523 Tennant Samantha Lymm Runners FV40
942 Terjesen Martin Unattached MS
109 Terry Jessica Unattached FS
110 Terry Nick Unattached MS
983 tessyman craig Unattached MS
14 Tetley Liz Lymm Runners FV50
484 Thomas Andy Sandbach Striders MV50
64 Thomas Darren Warrington Running Club MS
637 Thomas Janet Unattached FV55
496 Thomas Mark Penny Lane Striders MV50
873 Thomas Michelle Unattached FV40
1084 Thomason Keith Unattached MV55
113 Thompson Julie Unattached FV50
411 Thompson Paul Unattached MV40
429 Thompson Ros Unattached FV60
387 Thompson Steven Warrington Road Runners MS
1020 Thomson Ian Unattached MV50
736 Thomson Vanessa Astley & Tyldesley road runners FV35
960 Thornton Sheila Unattached FV55
1068 Thraves Richard Unattached MS
605 Titchard Michael Unattached MV45
228 Tobin Mick South Cheshire Harriers MV55
1066 Todd Claire Unattached FV35
972 Todd David Unattached MS
984 Todd Phil Unattached MV40
461 Tolan Damien Belle Vue Racers MS
246 Tomkins Dave Northern Veterans AC MV65
467 Triggs Carmel Unattached FV35
314 Trimble Gareth Wilmslow Running Club MV40
825 Truman Philip Sandbach Striders MV50
179 Tucker Jonathan Warrington Running Club MV55
738 Tunney Julie Unattached FV50
737 Tunney Peter Unattached MV40
733 Turek Pawel Unattached MV40
122 Turner Alan Wilmslow Running Club MV50
787 Turner Liz Penny Lane Striders FV35
1178 Turner Neil Unattached MS
938 Turner Terence Liverpool Running Club MS
549 Twining Martin Burnden Road Runners MV40
301 Twiss Andy South Cheshire Harriers MS
716 Unsworth Louise Unattached FS
273 Urban David Unattached MS
232 Urbaneja Raquel Unattached FV35
695 Vail Rosalind Unattached FS
405 van Beijnum Janneke Sale Harriers Manchester FV35
1133 Vaughan Gareth Unattached MS
1090 Vernon Craig Unattached MS
551 vernon Dominique Warrington running club FS
210 Vickers Deborah South Cheshire Harriers FS
792 Wagner Sam Unattached MS
521 Wakefield Catherine Warrington Road Runners FV55
702 Wakefield Dave Preston Harriers MV40
913 Wakefield Denise Salford Harriers & AC FV60
568 Walker Andy Warrington running club MV45
452 Walker Ella Unattached FS
802 Walker Emma Unattached FV35
545 Walker Georgina Lymm runners FV40
763 Walker Kate Chester Road Runners FS
265 Walker Mark Macclesfield Harriers & AC MS
1138 Walker Phil Unattached MS
226 Walker Stephen Red Rose Road Runners MV40
569 Walker Tracey Warrington running club FV50
686 Walsh John Warrington Road Runners MV40
902 Walsh Nick Unattached ?S
527 Walton Phil Warrington Running Club MV40
775 Ward Leanne Lymm Runners FS
466 Waterhouse Kate Unattached FV35
670 Waterman Jack Unattached MS
1193 Wathan Paul Eryri Harriers MS
735 Watmough Stephen Warrington AC MV50
123 Webb Gareth Sale Harriers Manchester MS
1146 webb lisa Widnes Running Club FV40
1107 Webb Nick Sale Harriers Manchester MV50
1137 webster shaun Unattached MV50
224 Weilding Gary Unattached MV55
922 Weilding Sue Unattached FV50
1162 Welch Kristen Unattached FS
94 Wellings Ricky Unattached MS
57 Welsh Carla Unattached FS
715 Western Rebeccca Unattached FS
956 Weston Andy Unattached MS
170 Weston Keiran Unattached MS
151 Wheeldon Martin Wilmslow Running Club MV60
470 Whitby Helen Vale Royal AC FV35
789 Whitby Paul Unattached MV40
1129 White Andy Unattached MV50
628 White Angharrad Unattached FV35
77 White Christopher West Cheshire Athletic Club MS
557 White Diane Warrington running club FV45
1143 White Phil Blackburn Road Runners MV60
477 Whitehead Roger Stockport Tri Club MV50
5 Whitehorn Elisabeth Warrington Running Club FS
615 Whiteside Jason Unattached MS
810 Whiteside Mel Warrington Running Club MV55
1164 Whiting Thomas Unattached MV60
519 Whyte Jenny Warrington Running Club FS
69 Wigglesworth Richmal Unattached FS
1186 Wilcox Lauren Unattached FS
648 Wild Tania Lymm Runners FS
310 Wilkinson Andrew Unattached MV45
402 Wilkinson April Warrington Road Runners FS
669 Wilkinson Liam Warrington Road Runners MS
1034 williams alan Altrincham & District AC MV55
1045 williams benjamin Unattached MS
1157 Williams Gareth Vale Royal AC MV45
903 Williams Gary Unattached MV50
528 Williams Ian Warrington Road Runners MS
771 Williams Kate Spenborough & District AC FV35
125 Williams Margaret Unattached FV60
516 Williams Martin Warrington Running Club MS
829 williams michael Rochdale MV50
1158 Williams Nathan Vale Royal AC MS
126 Williams Nefyn Unattached MV65
964 Williams Phil Unattached MS
713 Williamson Ian Unattached MV55
74 Williamson Paul Unattached MV50
534 Willis Andrew Warrington Running club MS
1149 Willis Paul Unattached MV40
406 Willis Sharon Unattached FV45
931 Wills Chris Knowsley Harriers MS
724 Willson Greg Lymm Runners MS
398 Wilson Fiona Unattached FV55
910 WILSON RICHARD Unattached MV65
543 Wilton Gary Kirkby Milers AC MS
103 Winstanley Maria Unattached FS
130 Winterburn Samantha Jo Unattached FS
1062 Wiseman Jonathan Unattached MS
882 Wolf Robin Unattached MS
600 Wolfram Suzi Unattached FS
592 Wood Jayne Unattached FV40
593 Wood Mark Unattached MV40
765 Wood Paul Unattached MS
66 Wood Susan Macclesfield Harriers & AC FV55
582 Woods Helen Unattached FV35
665 Woodward Kelly Warrington Running Club FV35
555 Worsley Ian Unattached MV40
444 Worthington Melanie Congleton Harriers FV40
1001 Worthington Penny Widnes Running Club FV45
287 worthington sandra Unattached FV45
1092 Wowra Daniel Unattached MS
811 Wright Christopher Unattached MS
731 Wright John Unattached MV50
950 Wright Mark Unattached MV65
423 Wright Phil Unattached MS
101 Wyles Janet Wilmslow Running Club FV45
10 Yates Dave Warrington Running Club MV45
173 Yates Richard Unattached MS
844 Yeadon Paul Unattached MS
623 York Nicola Unattached FV35
880 Yorke Chris NWRRC MV45
1177 Young Gary Warrington Running Club MV40
520 Young Katy Warrington Running Club FS
1190 Zacharski Krzysztof Unattached MS

Birchwood 10k - race route

View the Birchwood 10k race route

Birchwood 10k - courtesy

• Park in Car Park 3 or 4.  If both are full, use Car Parks 1 and 2.  Please do not park anywhere else.
• Race day is a regular shopping day for ASDA and the Birchwood Centre.  Please treat shoppers with every courtesy.
• Please only use proper toilets rather than any nearby walls or bushes.
  - There are toilets in the Shopping Centre and in ASDA.
  - There are portable toilets which are normally situated in car park 4.

Thank you!

Birchwood 10k - past winners & race statistics

 Year Male winner
 Club Time Female winner
 Club Time Finishers Last finisher
 2016 Jack Martin
 Stockport Harriers
 31:27 Kirsty Longley
 Liverpool Pembroke Sefton 36:52 1012 1:44:21
 2015 Nigel Martin
 Sale Harriers Manchester 33:04 Kirsty Longley
 Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
 38:03 940 1:34:27
 2014 Ben Fish
 Blackburn Harriers
 31:26 Kelly Crickmore
 Stockport Harriers
 35:28 901 1:27:01
 2013 Tarus Elly
 Salford Harriers & AC 31:05 Louise Gardner
 Lancaster & Morecambe AC 35:30 764 1:23:56
 2012 Tarus Elly
 Salford Harriers & AC 30:58 Susan Partridge Leeds City AC
 34:11 973 1:52:52
 2011 Nick Jones
 Tipton Harriers
 31:35 Rebecca Robinson
 Kendal AC
 34:42 658 1:28:54
 2010 Ben Fish
 Blackburn Harriers
 30:40 Louise Gardner Lancaster & Morecambe AC 35:55 747 1:21:09
 2009 Mark Miles
 Kendal AC
 30:00 Rebecca Robinson Kendal AC
 33:38 893 1:37:59
 2008 David Webb Leeds City AC 29:52 Jenny Blizard
 Rotherham AC
 34:56 722 1:37:31
 2007 Ian Fisher
 Otley AC 31:40 Hayley Haining Kilbarchan AAC
 32:59 813 1:19:59
 2006 Adam Sutton
 Preston Harriers
 30:14 Susan Partridge
 City of Glasgow AC
 33:35 762 1:19:36
 2005 Zola Thembelani
 29:53 Hatti Dean
 Radley AC
 36:04 938 1:34:42
 2004 Tomas Abyu Salford Harriers & AC
 30:26 Olivia Renshaw
 Vale Royal AC
 35:49 858 1:16:52
 2003 Paul Howarth
 Wirral AC
 31:17 Helen Lawrence
 Wirral AC
 34:02 686 1:12:15
 2002 Mike Proudlove
 City of Stoke AC
 31:08 Catherine Mutwa
 Mizuno AC
 34:21 578 1:17:03
 2001 Gareth Raven
 East Cheshire Harriers
 30:56 Debbie Robinson
 Sutton AC
 35:05 558 1:15:04
 2000 Neil Wilkinson
 Salford Harriers & AC 30:26 Amy Waterlow
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 34:15 579 1:17:20
 1999 Mark Morgan
 Swansea Harriers
 29:34 Amy Waterlow
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 33:44 682 1:09:48
 1998 Nick Jones
 Tipton Harriers 30:40 Sarah Bentley
 Birchfield Harriers
 33:47 573 1:35:34
 1997 John Mutai
 Bromsgrove & Redditch AC 29:32 Debbie Percival
 Canterbury Harriers
 34:13 577 1:17:50
 1996 Mike Proudlove City of Stoke AC
 31:45 Cecilia Greasley
 Macclesfield Harriers AC
 36:22 447 1:22:33
 1995 Kavin Smith
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 31:30 Lynn Maddison
 Colwyn Bay AC
 36:32 418 1:17:32
 1994 Adri Hartveld
 City of Stoke AC
 30:47 Helen Titterington Leicester Corinthians
 34:40 563 1:14:42
 1993 Paul Roden
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 29:15 Veronica Colleran
 Ennis Track Club
 34:50 619 1:18:58
 1992 Paul Roden
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 29:14 Lynn Maddison Colwyn Bay AC
 36:54 524 1:17:22
 1991 Neil Rimmer/Neil Smart
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 30:04 Suzanne Rigg
 Warrington AC
 35:22 429
 1990 Joe Wycherley
 BICC Helsby RC 32:01 Lynn Maddison
 Colwyn Bay AC
 36:34 372 1:08:31
 1989 Gary Gerrard
 Wigan Phoenix RC
 31:25 A Felix
 Wirral AC
 37:52 439 1:13:29
 1988 Andy Green Warrington AC
 30:31 Ann Pugh
 Altrincham & District AC 38:52 387 1:11:43
 1987 Tony Leonard
 Salford Harriers & AC
 30:25 Sharon Leonard
 Sale Harriers 36:17 371 1:07:00
 1986 Neil Rimmer
 Sale Harriers 30:14 Sue Crehan
 Sale Harriers 34:09 443 1:11:48
 1985 Andy Green
 Warrington AC
 29:59 J Cooke
 37:35 455 1:12:39
 1984 Neil Rimmer
 Warrington AC

Course record holders are shown in italics.

The current course record is not the fastest race time as the course has changed several times since the race was first run.

Team winners

 Year Male team
 Female team
 2015 Wesham Road Runners
 Vale Royal AC
 2014 Salford Harriers & AC Wilmslow RC
 2013 Knowsley Harriers AC
 Vale Royal AC
 2012 Preston Harriers
 Wilmslow RC
 2011 Salford Harriers & AC Wilmslow RC
 2010 Hallamshire Harriers
 Liverpool Harriers & AC
 2009 Horwich RMI Harriers Stainland Lions
 2008 Liverpool RC Salford Harriers & AC
 2007 Liverpool RC Macclesfield Harriers AC
 2006 Preston Harriers Wigan Phoenix RC
 2005 Wilmslow RC Macclesfield Harriers AC
 2004 Stockport Harriers AC
 North Fylde AC
 2003 Warrington AC Stockport Harriers & AC
 2002 Altrincham & District AC Penny Lane Striders
 2001 Altrincham & District AC Stockport Harriers & AC
 2000 Salford Harriers & AC
 Wigan Phoenix RC
 1999 Bridgend AC Sale Harriers Manchester
 1998 Stockport Harriers AC Wigan Phoenix RC
 1997 Liverpool Harriers Wigan Phoenix RC
 1996 Altrincham & District AC Manchester YMCA
 1995 Warrington AC Altrincham & District AC
 1994 East Cheshire Harriers Wilmslow RC
 1993 Warrington AC Stockport Harriers AC
 1992 Warrington AC Penny Lane Striders
 1991 Warrington AC Warrington AC
 1990 Warrington AC 
 1989 Middleton Harriers 
 1988 Warrington AC 
 1987 Warrington AC 
 1986 Warrington AC 
 1985 Warrington AC