Birchwood 10k road race

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Birchwood 10k - photos

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Sunday, 19th August 2018

10k starts at 10:00am, fun run at 9:15am

If you want to run a 10k personal best, then this is the race for you.  It attracts runners from all over the north west of England and is run over relatively flat roads and paths around Birchwood in Warrington.

The Birchwood 10k has been run every year since 1984 and just gets better with age!

This race has been ranked in the top 100 UK road races by Runner's World Magazine.  The race boasts one of the most extensive prize lists that you will find, with over £2000 given away each year in prizes!

All finishers will receive a race medal & a technical t-shirt.  Runners are welcome to raise money for the charity of their choice at our race.


Race route

The race route is an accurately measured 10k along roads and tarmac footpaths in Birchwood and Croft.

Starting in 2014, the route was changed between miles 1 and 3 to avoid busy roads.  This section is now mostly on tarmac footpaths with some road sections.

To see a map of the route, please click on the small "Birchwood 10k - race route" map on the right of this page. 

Road closures

In recent years, we have been required to have part of the race route on closed roads.  The road closures are as follows:

  1. In the vicinity of the race start, near Birchwood Railway Station.  This section will be closed just a few mins before the race start and will re-open as soon as all runners have cleared the area.
  2. Cross Lane, in a westerly direction from near the Noggin Inn to the junction with Spring Lane.  The road will remain open in an easterly direction.
  3. Lords Lane.  The closure is in effect from 10:00 until 11:29.  If the last runner passes the end of Lords Lane before 11:29, the road will re-open early.

We will try to minimise the time that roads are closed.

How to enter

There is a limit of 1,200 runners for the Birchwood 10k race. Entries are online only.

The closing date for Birchwood 10k race entries is 11th August 2018.

There is no entry on the day for the 10k race.

You can enter the 2k fun run in advance or on the day - entry forms to follow nearer the day.

How to enter >>>

English Half Marathon joint entry

As in recent years, the English Half Marathon and the EHM 10k take place in September.

You can get a reduced joint entry of the Birchwood 10k with either the English Half Marathon or with the EHM 10k.

Go to our How to enter page for details.

Spectrum Striders RC members please note:
If you are a Club member, you are not allowed to enter the Birchwood 10k so this joint entry offer is not open to you.  We need over 70 members to put on the race so we need everyone we can to help.

The 10k Race is run under UK Athletics rules, UKA Race Licence 2017-27131.  The minimum age for runners is 15 years old on race day.

Refund policy

If you have entered the race and are unable to run for whatever reason, like most races we are unable to offer refunds.  Also, we are not able to defer your race entry to the following year.

However we do allow you to transfer your race entry to another runner.  See our How to enter web page for more information.


Runners are welcome to raise money for the charity of their choice at our race.


Race results are usually available to view at Race HQ after the prize presentation.  We aim to have provisional results available to view on this web site on the evening of the race.

Race HQ

Race HQ has not yet been confirmed but will be adjacent to the Birchwood Shopping Centre and will be open on race day from approximately 8:00am.  It is usually close to Car Park 4, which is at the railway station end of the Shopping Centre.

The Race Venue address and a link to a location map are on the left side of this page.

We are unable to offer facilities to store bags or valuables.

The prize giving will be held at Race HQ.  This is normally at about 12:00pm.

Chip timing

We use chip timing for the 10k race.  You run over a timing mat at the start and at the finish, and this records your time.

Apart from prize winners, times will not be available immediately after the race but will be available on this web site within a few days of the race (hopefully on race day).

Positioning of the chipStarting in 2017, we intend that the chip will be on the back of the race number.

10k Race Information Sheet

For all the information you need on race day please click here.


We intend to provide a full complement of pacers at 5 min intervals, aiming to finish at times from 40 mins to 60 mins.

Fun Run

As part of the Birchwood 10k Road Race event, we also organise a Fun Run, along a traffic-free course mostly on paths in Birchwood Forest Park close to the Birchwood Shopping Centre.  The Fun Run is ideal for beginners and for family members of runners in the main 10k race.  If you have young children, you can jog with them around the course, a great way to warm up gently for the 10k.

The route is about 1 mile (2k). The route is measured by GPS so the distance is approximate.

You can pre-enter the Fun Run or you can enter on the day.


The Birchwood Shopping Centre is open on race day.  Many of the stores in the Centre will be open.

We hope to have a specialist sports vendor on race day.  This has not yet been confirmed.

There is a New Balance Outlet store selling a range of footwear & running apparel.  This is at the opposite end of Birchwood Boulevard from the finish area. 

More information

If you need any information about the race that you cannot find here, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with details of your query.

Birchwood 10k - course records

Male:  31:27  (2016)
Jack Martin
(Stockport Harriers)

Female: 36:52  (2016)
Kirsty Longley
(Liverpool Pembroke)

[The course records are not the fastest ever race time as the course has changed several times since the race was first run.]

A new course was used for the first time in 2016.

Birchwood 10k - directions

Birchwood 10k


View race HQ and motorways*

View key race locations*

*Link will open in Google maps.

Race venue

Birchwood Shopping Centre
Dewhurst Road


Opposite Birchwood Railway Station (near the Shopping Centre car park 4)


On Birchwood Boulevard (near the Shopping Centre car park 3)

Birchwood 10k - race route

View the Birchwood 10k race route

Birchwood 10k - courtesy

• Park in Car Park 3 or 4.  If both are full, use Car Parks 1 and 2.  Please do not park anywhere else.
• Race day is a regular shopping day for ASDA and the Birchwood Centre.  Please treat shoppers with every courtesy.
• Please only use proper toilets rather than any nearby walls or bushes.
  - There are toilets in the Shopping Centre and in ASDA.
  - There are portable toilets which are normally situated in car park 4.

Thank you!

Birchwood 10k - past winners & race statistics

 Year Male winner
 Club Time Female winner
 Club Time Finishers Last finisher
 2016 Jack Martin
 Stockport Harriers
 31:27 Kirsty Longley
 Liverpool Pembroke Sefton 36:52 1012 1:44:21
 2015 Nigel Martin
 Sale Harriers Manchester 33:04 Kirsty Longley
 Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
 38:03 940 1:34:27
 2014 Ben Fish
 Blackburn Harriers
 31:26 Kelly Crickmore
 Stockport Harriers
 35:28 901 1:27:01
 2013 Tarus Elly
 Salford Harriers & AC 31:05 Louise Gardner
 Lancaster & Morecambe AC 35:30 764 1:23:56
 2012 Tarus Elly
 Salford Harriers & AC 30:58 Susan Partridge Leeds City AC
 34:11 973 1:52:52
 2011 Nick Jones
 Tipton Harriers
 31:35 Rebecca Robinson
 Kendal AC
 34:42 658 1:28:54
 2010 Ben Fish
 Blackburn Harriers
 30:40 Louise Gardner Lancaster & Morecambe AC 35:55 747 1:21:09
 2009 Mark Miles
 Kendal AC
 30:00 Rebecca Robinson Kendal AC
 33:38 893 1:37:59
 2008 David Webb Leeds City AC 29:52 Jenny Blizard
 Rotherham AC
 34:56 722 1:37:31
 2007 Ian Fisher
 Otley AC 31:40 Hayley Haining Kilbarchan AAC
 32:59 813 1:19:59
 2006 Adam Sutton
 Preston Harriers
 30:14 Susan Partridge
 City of Glasgow AC
 33:35 762 1:19:36
 2005 Zola Thembelani
 29:53 Hatti Dean
 Radley AC
 36:04 938 1:34:42
 2004 Tomas Abyu Salford Harriers & AC
 30:26 Olivia Renshaw
 Vale Royal AC
 35:49 858 1:16:52
 2003 Paul Howarth
 Wirral AC
 31:17 Helen Lawrence
 Wirral AC
 34:02 686 1:12:15
 2002 Mike Proudlove
 City of Stoke AC
 31:08 Catherine Mutwa
 Mizuno AC
 34:21 578 1:17:03
 2001 Gareth Raven
 East Cheshire Harriers
 30:56 Debbie Robinson
 Sutton AC
 35:05 558 1:15:04
 2000 Neil Wilkinson
 Salford Harriers & AC 30:26 Amy Waterlow
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 34:15 579 1:17:20
 1999 Mark Morgan
 Swansea Harriers
 29:34 Amy Waterlow
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 33:44 682 1:09:48
 1998 Nick Jones
 Tipton Harriers 30:40 Sarah Bentley
 Birchfield Harriers
 33:47 573 1:35:34
 1997 John Mutai
 Bromsgrove & Redditch AC 29:32 Debbie Percival
 Canterbury Harriers
 34:13 577 1:17:50
 1996 Mike Proudlove City of Stoke AC
 31:45 Cecilia Greasley
 Macclesfield Harriers AC
 36:22 447 1:22:33
 1995 Kavin Smith
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 31:30 Lynn Maddison
 Colwyn Bay AC
 36:32 418 1:17:32
 1994 Adri Hartveld
 City of Stoke AC
 30:47 Helen Titterington Leicester Corinthians
 34:40 563 1:14:42
 1993 Paul Roden
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 29:15 Veronica Colleran
 Ennis Track Club
 34:50 619 1:18:58
 1992 Paul Roden
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 29:14 Lynn Maddison Colwyn Bay AC
 36:54 524 1:17:22
 1991 Neil Rimmer/Neil Smart
 Sale Harriers Manchester
 30:04 Suzanne Rigg
 Warrington AC
 35:22 429
 1990 Joe Wycherley
 BICC Helsby RC 32:01 Lynn Maddison
 Colwyn Bay AC
 36:34 372 1:08:31
 1989 Gary Gerrard
 Wigan Phoenix RC
 31:25 A Felix
 Wirral AC
 37:52 439 1:13:29
 1988 Andy Green Warrington AC
 30:31 Ann Pugh
 Altrincham & District AC 38:52 387 1:11:43
 1987 Tony Leonard
 Salford Harriers & AC
 30:25 Sharon Leonard
 Sale Harriers 36:17 371 1:07:00
 1986 Neil Rimmer
 Sale Harriers 30:14 Sue Crehan
 Sale Harriers 34:09 443 1:11:48
 1985 Andy Green
 Warrington AC
 29:59 J Cooke
 37:35 455 1:12:39
 1984 Neil Rimmer
 Warrington AC

Course record holders are shown in italics.

The current course record is not the fastest race time as the course has changed several times since the race was first run.

Team winners

 Year Male team
 Female team
 2015 Wesham Road Runners
 Vale Royal AC
 2014 Salford Harriers & AC Wilmslow RC
 2013 Knowsley Harriers AC
 Vale Royal AC
 2012 Preston Harriers
 Wilmslow RC
 2011 Salford Harriers & AC Wilmslow RC
 2010 Hallamshire Harriers
 Liverpool Harriers & AC
 2009 Horwich RMI Harriers Stainland Lions
 2008 Liverpool RC Salford Harriers & AC
 2007 Liverpool RC Macclesfield Harriers AC
 2006 Preston Harriers Wigan Phoenix RC
 2005 Wilmslow RC Macclesfield Harriers AC
 2004 Stockport Harriers AC
 North Fylde AC
 2003 Warrington AC Stockport Harriers & AC
 2002 Altrincham & District AC Penny Lane Striders
 2001 Altrincham & District AC Stockport Harriers & AC
 2000 Salford Harriers & AC
 Wigan Phoenix RC
 1999 Bridgend AC Sale Harriers Manchester
 1998 Stockport Harriers AC Wigan Phoenix RC
 1997 Liverpool Harriers Wigan Phoenix RC
 1996 Altrincham & District AC Manchester YMCA
 1995 Warrington AC Altrincham & District AC
 1994 East Cheshire Harriers Wilmslow RC
 1993 Warrington AC Stockport Harriers AC
 1992 Warrington AC Penny Lane Striders
 1991 Warrington AC Warrington AC
 1990 Warrington AC 
 1989 Middleton Harriers 
 1988 Warrington AC 
 1987 Warrington AC 
 1986 Warrington AC 
 1985 Warrington AC