Birchwood Brook 5k

Birchwood Brook 5k - directions

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Race HQ

Birchwood Community High School
Brock Road

Birchwood Brook 5k - course records

Male:  16:08  (2016)
Christian Prior
(Salford Harriers)

Female:  18:05  (2015)
Kirsty Longley
(Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton)

Birchwood Brook 5k Trail Race route

The route has been measured by an accredited course measurer using currently approved procedures.

The route follows much of the Forest Park Ladies 5k route, but it goes in the opposite direction and has a different start, finish & race HQ.

Birchwood Brook 5k trail race route

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Birchwood Brook 5k - past results

2018:   PDF
2017:   PDF   web
2016:   PDF   web
2015:   PDF   web

Birchwood Brook 5k - past winners & race statistics

 Year Male winner Club Time Female winner Club Time Finishers Last finisher
 2016 Christian Prior
 Salford Harriers
 16:08 Alison Russell
 Spectrum Striders RC  20:08 121 44:01
 2015 Chris McCarthy
 McCarkiss Endurance Project
 16:40 Kirsty Longley
 Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton
 18:05 12433:13

Course record holders are shown in bold type.

Team winners

 Year Male team Female team
 2016 Spectrum Striders RC
 Spectrum Striders RC
 2015 Lymm Runners
 Wilmslow RC