Forest Park Ladies 5k

Enter online via BookitZone

Wednesday 5-Jul-2017 at 7:30pm

Why not come and join in the fun and enter Warrington’s Premier Ladies Only 5k race?  This race has been ever popular since its début in 1993 with many runners bringing all the family and having a picnic afterwards.

Every finisher receives flowers in addition to tremendous support around the course.  This race attracts a wide range of abilities which can be seen from the finishing times, 17 mins to 1 hour!

Why not give it a go and even raise funds for a charitable cause at the same time?  What do you have to lose?

The best value Ladies only race in the north west by a mile!

Race HQ

Race HQ is at the Ranger Centre in Birchwood Forest Park.

There are basic changing rooms, showers & toilets at the Ranger Centre.  These facilities are limited as they are only meant for two football teams.

We are unable to offer facilities to store bags or valuables.

Race Route

The race follows a mostly traffic free course along parkland paths, and it is fairly flat with just two small hills approaching footbridges, one of which the route crosses.

The route was re-measured by an accredited course measurer in 2015 and has remained unchanged since the first race.

The start is a little under ½ mile walk from Race HQ, under the subway into Birchwood Brook Park.  The finish is on the opposite side of the field from Race HQ.

The route follows the main footpath through Birchwood Brook Park, before passing Birchwood railway station and going up Birchwood Boulevard (the only road section of the course).  It then joins Oakwood Gate path, passing the pond and the walled garden before crossing Oakwood Gate footbridge and following the main path back past the Fire Station to the finish in the Forest Park.

To see the race route, click on the small map on the right of this page.

The race is run under UK Athletics rules, UKA Race Licence 2017-xxxxxx.  The minimum age for runners is 12 years old on race day. 

How To Enter

Pre-entry is by post or on-line.

There is a race limit of 400.

With your race number, you will receive a race information sheet which includes a race location map and other race details.  If you want to download a copy of this, please click here.  

Enter online via BookitZone

Online entry

Online entry is via BookitZone.

Online entryPlease note that numbers will not be posted out for online entries.  Please collect them on the day from Race HQ.

The closing date for online pre-entries is 3-Jul-2017.

Postal entry

If you prefer to enter by post, click here to download an entry form (in PDF format).

The closing date for receipt of postal pre-entries is 30-Jun-2017.  Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for return of your number and race information sheet.  If you don't, your number will be retained for collection on the night of the race.

Entry on the day

Entry on the day will be available subject to the race limit at a £1 surcharge.

If you want to enter on the day, please try to arrive early as it can get very busy in Race HQ.  It would help if you could bring a completed race entry form and the right money (or a cheque).

Entry List

This is the final list of pre-entries as of close of play 4-July-2017.  If you are not on this list then you are not pre-entered in the race!

Remember, you can enter on the night, at a £1 surcharge.

Num Forename Surname Age DOB Club Cat
144 Lynsay Adair 34 29-Jul-82 Widnes Wasps  sen
91 Sara Atkinson 52 14-May-65 Ellesmere Port  v50
47 Clair Baldock 44 29-Dec-72 Warrington Running Club v40
186 Emma Barnes 42 30-Dec-74 Helsby  v40
33 Tracy Bates 37 28-Jan-80   v35
4 Rachel Beesley 25 31-Mar-92 St Helens Sutton Ac sen
57 Maela Beliard 39 03-Jan-78   v35
88 Danielle Bettle 34 10-Jul-82   sen
59 Louise Blizzard 41 25-Aug-75 Belgrave Harriers v40
145 Nicola Bradley 47 06-Nov-69   v45
26 Angela Brewis 31 16-Dec-85   sen
31 April Briscoe 34 22-Apr-83   sen
8 Ellen Broad 25 12-May-92 Spectrum Striders  sen
13 Kay Campbell 43 29-Jul-73 Astley and Tyldesley v40
20 Leyna Casey 34 11-Dec-82   sen
12 Louise Casey 37 19-Mar-80 Warrington Running Club v35
78 Jenny Castle 41 30-Jan-76 Swinton Running Club   v40
82 Helen Cattell 38 12-Feb-79   v35
70 Lisa Cheers 32 23-Jul-84 St Helens Striders sen
100 Marie Chesworth 48 27-Jan-69 St Helens Striders v45
90 Alison Cole 42 18-Mar-75 Ellesmere Port Rc v40
34 Amanda Coogan 46 30-Oct-70 St Helens Striders  v45
5 Amy Corfield 24 11-Aug-92 St Helens Sutton Ac sen
73 Janice Cornish 56 09-Sep-60   v55
188 Sarah Cornish 33 05-Apr-84   sen
99 Adele Crawford 49 14-Apr-68 St Helens Striders v45
41 Jo Cross 40 22-Apr-77   v40
166 Emma Crowe 44 31-May-73 Wrexham Ac v40
7 Meg Daintith 45 09-Jun-72 Warrington Running Club v45
45 Joanne Donoghue 43 05-Sep-73   v40
187 Alison Drasdo 49 23-Oct-67 Trafford Ac v45
80 Denise Dugdale 40 22-Oct-76 Spectrum Striders v40
65 Susan Dutoy 50 24-May-67 unattached v50
96 Karen Evans 53 12-Jul-63   v50
179 Carolyn Flanagan 49 28-Oct-67 Warrington Road Runners  v45
69 Karon Forster 55 27-Sep-61 Spectrum Striders v55
95 Rebecca Gibson 33 04-Feb-84 Helsby Running Club  sen
21 Rebecca Glen 41 29-Nov-75 Goyt Valley Striders v40
94 Joanna Gordon 32 25-Oct-84 Warrington Road Runners sen
49 Tegan Greener 29 11-Oct-87   sen
97 Hannah Hammill 30 11-Dec-86   sen
67 Clare Harrison 39 24-Aug-77 unattached v35
190 Ursula Harrison 54 14-Apr-63   v50
30 Lynn Haughton 36 04-Mar-81   v35
83 Sarah Helsby 31 10-Jul-85   sen
192 Louise Herridge 36 16-Jan-81 Warrington Running Club  v35
87 Anne Hewitt 69 11-Aug-47 Spectrum Striders v65
29 Michelle Hill 39 22-May-78   v35
25 Andrea Hilldrup 39 22-Mar-78 Vale Royal Ac v35
85 Louisa Hollis 31 09-May-86   sen
11 Carole  Hughes 49 04-Jan-68 Warrington Running Club v45
38 Pamela Hughes 56 03-Jan-61   v55
180 Jackie Hurst 55 12-Jul-61   v55
76 Hayley Jardine 34 30-Mar-83   sen
23 Katy Jennings 41 29-Oct-75 Warrington Running Club v40
39 Jo Jones 45 20-Jan-72   v45
54 Vicki Jones 46 22-Jul-70   v45
74 Gillian Kelly 43 23-Jul-73 St. Helens Striders  v40
36 Chrissie Knight 63 07-Aug-53 Lymm Runners v60
189 Rachel Kuypers 42 19-Jan-75 Widnes Wasps v40
28 Helen Lea 47 25-Dec-69   v45
19 Janice Leigh 55 04-Jun-62 Spectrum Striders v55
24 Emma Littlefair 28 21-Sep-88   sen
27 Gemma Littlefair 34 08-Dec-82 Warrington Runnng Club  sen
185 Kyla Lloyd 21 09-Oct-95 Warrington Running sen
184 Lisa Lloyd 48 20-Oct-68 Warrington Running v45
58 Jayne Lomax 50 24-Feb-67 Vale Royal a.C v50
193 Joanne Lott 51 21-Oct-65 Trafford Ac  v50
51 Bernadette Lynch 51 09-Jan-66   v50
9 Catherine Lyon 34 12-Aug-82 Spectrum Striders  sen
72 Kylie Maguire 30 25-Mar-87 St Helens Striders sen
79 Lauren Marsden 45 18-May-72 Swinton Running Club v45
71 Jennifer Martin 37 25-Dec-79 St Helens Striders v35
17 Sarah Matthews 37 30-Jan-80 Warrington Road Runners v35
56 Jenny Mcclelland 47 12-Nov-69 Lymm Runners v45
52 Jean Mcgowan 48 13-Oct-68   v45
55 Jenny Mcintyre 55 01-Jun-62 Spectrum Striders v55
18 Debbie Moreton 47 22-Jul-69 Vale Royal Athletics Club v45
22 Kirsty Louise Morley 39 09-Jan-78 Warrington Running Club v35
81 Louise Murray 36 18-Dec-80 Warrington Running Club v35
40 Lisa Napier 37 04-Jan-80   v35
6 Becky Nicholson 38 14-Sep-78   v35
43 Victoria O'Kelly 41 17-Oct-75   v40
42 Linda Owen 59 22-Aug-57 Spectrum Striders Running Club v55
86 Claire Pearson 48 03-Mar-69   v45
68 Deansie Phillips 56 10-Jul-60 Widnes Wasps Ladies R.C v55
191 Emma Pitt 42 17-Jan-75   v40
60 Marianne Pitteway 49 11-Sep-67   v45
98 Lydia Plackett 67 01-Dec-49 Red Rose Road Runners v65
84 Sally Porter 41 11-Jun-76   v40
14 Eli Regan 34 28-Dec-82   sen
48 Lisa Rodick 33 12-Mar-84 Warrington Running Club sen
10 Liz Roughley 30 13-Sep-86   sen
44 Emma Roxburgh 42 22-Nov-74   v40
32 Agata Rutkowska 36 03-Feb-81 Widnes Wasps Ladies Rc v35
50 Emma Scammell 43 11-Apr-74 Lymm Runners v40
183 Susie Schofield 31 30-May-86   sen
75 Kathryn Sharkey 37 21-May-80 Penny Lane Striders v35
181 Tracey Sharp 39 23-Feb-78   v35
92 Emma Shaw 37 13-Mar-80   v35
89 Janet Catherine Shaw 64 27-Nov-52 Helsby v60
15 Rachel Simm 31 14-Jul-85 Wigan Harriers sen
93 Carolyn Smith 52 10-Mar-65 Lymm Runners v50
46 Debbie Smith 50 30-Dec-66   v50
62 Diane Springall 52 15-Oct-64 Spectrum Striders v50
61 Amy Stockley 27 04-Sep-89   sen
77 Nicki Sullivan 43 20-Nov-73 Swinton Running Club v40
53 Helen Tasker 35 11-Jun-82 Fylde Coast Runners v35
66 Kay Thompson 41 29-Nov-75 unattached v40
37 Amy Tomlinson 35 04-Jan-82   v35
182 Rachael Unsworth 32 17-Oct-84   sen
16 Georgina Walker 42 14-Apr-75 Lymm Runners v40
3 Nick Waterworth 37 17-Mar-80 Hyde Village Striders v35
64 Fiona Whitfield 42 21-Mar-75   v40
1 Liz Whitfield 39 02-Nov-77 Spectrum Striders v35
35 Rachel Whitfield 31 01-Dec-85 Warrington Running Club sen
63 Felicity Wolohan 31 11-Mar-86 Penny Lane Striders sen
2 Anna Worsley 38 10-Feb-79 Lymm Runners v35


Refund policy

Entry fees are not refundable in the unlikely event of cancellation in exceptional circumstances (e.g. weather).

If you have entered the race and are unable to run for whatever reason, like most races we are unable to offer refunds.  Also, we are not able to defer your race entry to the following year.

However we do allow you to transfer your race entry to another runner.

Transfer Of Race Entries

Spectrum Striders will allow runners to transfer their race number to another runner provided they submit a completed entry form which is clearly marked:

"Transfer runner number XXXX from previous runner "

Please give as many details of the previous runner as possible, including "age on race day".  We want to make absolutely sure we transfer the entry from the right person.  The entry form for the new runner MUST be completed as normal with age, etc.

We would much prefer all changes to get to us before the closing date, but we will accept changes on the day at Race HQ.  If you want to do this, please arrive early!

We will not charge a transfer fee to do this unless we incur a cost. We want to see the right names against the runners in the results.


Race results will be available to view at Race HQ on the evening.  We aim to have provisional results available to view on this web site on the evening of the race.

Prizes & Presentation

We give flowers to all finishers.

The prize presentation will be as soon as possible after the end of the race, once race results are available.

We offer prizes to the first three finishers as well as to veteran categories and to the first team.

Finally, there will be a spot prize draw but you can only claim your prize if you stay for the post-race presentation.

Race information

If you need any information about the race that you cannot find here, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with details of your query.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - course record

16:59  (2000)
Jayne Spark
(Altrincham & District AC)

The runbritain web site is run by UK Athletics.  Site has lots of info on road training and racing.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - directions

View race venue & motorway junction in Google Maps

Race Venue

Ranger Centre
Birchwood Forest Park
off Moss Gate
(no postcode)

5k Race Route

Ladies 5k route

Forest Park Ladies 5k - past winners & race statistics

 Year Winner Club Time Finishers Last finisher
Team winners
 2016 Rachel Fairclough
 St Helens Striders
 19:55155 41:15 St Helens Striders
 2015 Louise Blizzard Belgrave Harriers 19:54150 43:00 Spectrum Striders RC
 2014 Diane McVey
 Wilmslow RC
 18:29151 43:46
 Wilmslow RC
 2013 Diane McVey Wilmslow RC
 18:22170 45:36 Vale Royal AC
 2012 Louise Blizzard
 Belgrave Harriers
 19:00119 44:58
 Spectrum Striders RC
 2011 Karrie Hawitt Warrington AC 18:05119 40:51 Warrington AC
 2010 Liz Whitfield Spectrum Striders RC 18:10 95 43:35 Spectrum Striders RC
 2009 Tessa McCormick Vale Royal AC 19:17 101 37:06 Vale Royal AC
 2008 Claire Davies Spectrum Striders RC 18:46 104 35:36 Spectrum Striders RC
 2007 Claire Davies Spectrum Striders RC 18:56 92 44:31 Spectrum Striders RC
 2006 Claire Davies Spectrum Striders RC 18:37 122 40:59 Spectrum Striders RC
 2005 Nicola Bird Ellesmere Port RC 18:12 176 52:13 Spectrum Striders RC
 2004 Karrie Hawitt Warrington AC 17:56 198 46:40 Spectrum Striders RC
 2003 Karen Hutchinson Horwich RMI Harriers
 19:17 184 32:26 Spectrum Striders RC
 2002 Sandra Branney Warrington AC 18:31 188 44:15 Warrington AC
 2001 Joanne Bailey West Cheshire AC 18:56 140 39:12 Spectrum Striders RC
 2000 Jayne Spark Altrincham & District AC 16:59 162 43:15 Warrington Road Runners
 1999 Jennifer Heath Sale Harriers 17:45 143 37:49 Altrincham & District AC
 1998 Ruth Clayton Ford Halewood AC 18:14 121 35:40 Spectrum Striders RC
 1997 Kerrie Wood Glossopdale Harriers 18:28 124 36:50 Spectrum Striders RC
 1996 Jennifer Clague Liverpool Harriers 17:28 101 34:35 Altrincham & District AC
 1995 Sarah Young Salford Harriers 17:23 116 40:24 Altrincham & District AC
 1994 Cecilia Greasley Macclesfield Harriers 18:22 63 34:00 Vale Royal AC
 1993 Margaret Boleman Sale Harriers 17:30 89 31:59 Altrincham & District AC

Course records are shown in bold type.