2015 results - July to September

2015 Results

This page only contains race results for Spectrum Striders RC members.  Included are all results from Striders club championship races, plus some other races where Striders ran.

If you are looking for results for one of the Spectrum Striders RC races, please look under the "Our races" menu at the top of any page on this web site.

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Jul - Aug - Sep


Wednesday 1-Jul-2015 at 7:30pm:  Forest Park Ladies 5k

Please see the race web page for full details of the race, including how to enter.

Pos Time Name Category mins/km  
1 19:54 BLIZZARD, Louise Lady Vet 35 3:59 winner - Belgrave Harriers
5 21:30 LOWE, Jane Lady Vet 45 4:18 1st LV45
6 21:32 RUSSELL, Alison Senior Lady 4:18  
7 21:37 WHITFIELD, Liz Lady Vet 35 4:19  
10 22:12 FORSTER, Karon Lady Vet 50 4:26 1st LV50
12 22:49 LOMAX, Bobbie Lady Vet 40 4:34  
13 22:50 TINSLEY, Kimberley Senior Lady 4:34  
14 22:55 READ, Debbie Lady Vet 55 4:35 1st LV55
16 22:57 CALDWELL, Helen Lady Vet 45 4:35  
23 24:23 ROBERTS, Eleanor Lady Vet 45 4:53  
34 25:29 SULLIVAN, Jo Lady Vet 45 5:06  
41 26:03 HEPBURN, Denise Lady Vet 35 5:13  
45 26:39 ATHERTON, Diane Lady Vet 50 5:20  
48 26:47 ARBER, Carolyn Lady Vet 55 5:21  
59 27:47 CURLEY, Joanne Lady Vet 40 5:33  
62 28:09 MURGATROYD, Gail Lady Vet 45 5:38  
63 28:21 GREY, Emma Senior Lady 5:40  
66 28:48 OWEN, Linda Lady Vet 55 5:46  
67 28:48 YATES, Elizabeth Senior Lady 5:46  
76 29:28 POWNALL, Melanie Lady Vet 35 5:54  
80 29:35 HOWARTH, Rosalind Lady Vet 35 5:55  
106 32:49 ZACHARIASZ, Denise Lady Vet 40 6:34  
110 33:36 RAMSDALE, Christine Lady Vet 65+ 6:43  
111 33:53 GREY, Claire Senior Lady 6:47  
120 34:19 HEWITT, Anne Lady Vet 65+ 6:52  
121 34:44 GREY, Lisa Lady Vet 45 6:57  

150 finishers, last finisher in 43:00.  Full results are on this web site.

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Sunday 5-Jul-2015 to Saturday 11-Jul-2015:  Tour Of Merseyside

The 2015 Tour Of Merseyside consists of 6 races in 7 days, a total of 52 miles.  This is the same length as the old Tour Of Tameside in the 80's and 90's.

You could enter some of the races as individual races without needing to enter the whole Tour.

Sunday 5-Jul-2015 at 9am:  Southport Half Marathon

This was race 1 (of 6).

Pos Name GunTime ChipTime Category  
1 Anthony Taylor  1:14:27 1:14:27 ToM winner
47 Jennifer Clague  1:27:46 1:27:45 ToM 1st lady - Liverpool Harriers
90 Stephen Ward  1:31:55 1:31:50 ToM  
143 Chris Falls  1:35:57 1:35:46 Open M  
145 Alan Brady  1:36:03 1:36:00 V60+  
164 Stuart Johnson  1:37:25 1:36:59 ToM  
191 Paul Kelly 1:38:57 1:38:55 V40-49  
617 Dennis Yarwood  2:04:11 2:02:56 ToM  

962 finishers, last finisher in 3:21:24.  Full results are on the RaceTec web site.

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Monday 6-Jul-2015 at 7pm:  Thursaston Multi-terrain 5 mile (Wirral)

This was race 2 (of 6).

Pos First Name Surname Category GunTime ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 35:58 35:58 winner
20 NATASHA SHEEL FOPEN 42:50 42:48 1st lady - SERPENTINE RC
26 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 43:26 43:22  
54 STUART JOHNSON MOPEN 45:54 45:44  
189 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 57:46 57:15  

304 finishers (+1 DNF), last finisher in 1:32:36.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site.

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Tuesday 7-Jul-2015 at 7pm:  Sustrans Cycle Trail 10 mile race (Walton Hall Park)

This was race 3 (of 6).

Pos First Name Surname Category GunTime ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 0:56:15 0:56:14 winner
20 JENNIFER CLAGUE F40+ 1:07:38 1:07:37 1st lady - LIVERPOOL HARRIERS
26 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 1:08:54 1:08:46  
50 STUART JOHNSON MOPEN 1:13:21 1:13:14  
157 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 1:28:20 1:27:56  

275 finishers, last finisher in 2:16:16.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site

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Thursday 9-Jul-2015 at 7pm:  Halton 5 miler (Hale Park)

This was race 4 (of 6).

Pos First Name Surname Category GunTime ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 27:19 27:18 winner
24 NATASHA SHEEL FOPEN 32:45 32:44 1st lady - SERPENTINE RC
26 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 32:50 32:46  
54 STUART JOHNSON MOPEN 34:45 34:29  
87 Chris Falls MOPEN 37:11 37:02  
179 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 42:02 41:40  

314 finishers, last finisher in 1:16:54.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site

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Friday 10-Jul-2015 at 7pm:  Knowsley 6 mile cross country (Stadt Moers Park)

This was race 5 (of 6).

Pos First Name Surname Category GunTime ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 33:46 33:46 winner
23 NATASHA SHEEL FOPEN 40:39 40:39 1st lady - SERPENTINE RC
24 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 40:46 40:43  
48 STUART JOHNSON MOPEN 42:49 42:41  
161 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 53:09 52:40  

275 finishers, last finisher in 1:31:08.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site

Saturday 11-Jul-2015 at 10am:  Wirral Coastal Run 12 mile

This was race 6 (of 6).

Pos First Name Surname Category GunTime ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 1:09:51 1:09:51 winner
26 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 1:26:37 1:26:31  
32 STUART JOHNSON MOPEN 1:27:50 1:27:32  
36 NATASHA SHEEL FOPEN 1:28:33 1:28:29 1st lady - SERPENTINE RC
141 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 1:47:59 1:47:33  

300 finishers (+1 DNF), last finisher in 2:59:38.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site.

Sunday 5-Jul-2015 to Saturday 11-Jul-2015:  Tour Of Merseyside - Overall standings

Pos First Name Surname Category ChipTime  
1 ANTHONY TAYLOR M40+ 4:57:32 winner
21 STEPHEN WARD M50+ 6:04:24  
158 DENNIS YARWOOD M45+ 7:53:23  

269 finishers (+9 DNF), last finisher in 11:16:21.  Full results are on the TDL Event services web site.

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Tuesday 7-Jul-2015 at 7:15pm:  Rochdale 10k

Pos Name Cat Time CatPos mins per k/mile  
1 Rob James M 00:35:06 (001/062) 03.31/05.39 winner
40 Joanne Nelson F40 00:40:10 (001/021) 04.01/06.28 1st lady - Darwen Dashers
145 Mike Brady M50 00:46:26 (017/029) 04.39/07.28  

341 finishers, last finisher in 1:16:08.  Full results are on ukresults.net.

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Thursday 9-Jul-2015 at 7:30pm:  The Wizard 5

Pos Time Name Cat  
1 26:19 Ryan Holroyd MS winner - City Of Stoke AC
6 28:09 Karl Steinegger MS  
18 30:17 Diane McVey F35 1st lady - Wilmslow RC
30 31:59 Neil Adair MS  
43 32:58 Chris Millington M45  
67 34:42 Kenny Forster M55  
75 35:15 Andy Gaskell M45  
79 35:32 Liz Whitfield F35  
93 36:43 Paul Kelly M40  
113 37:30 Chris Falls MS  
166 41:34 Kate Johnson F45  
172 42:03 Neville Griffiths M65  
174 42:22 Vincent Alcock M45  
249 52:38 Kit Whitfield M50  

253 finishers, last finisher in 58:25.  Full results are on the SportSoft web site.

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Saturday 11-Jul-2015 at 1pm:  Radcliffe 5 mile trail race

Pos Name Cat Time CatPos  
1 Mark Whittington M40 30:21 (001/008) winner - Swinton RC
8 Joanne Nelson F40 32:48 (001/003) 1st lady - Darwen Dashers
84 Anne Hewitt F65 59:36 (001/001) 1st F65

84 finishers, last finisher in 59:36.  Full results are on ukresults.net.

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Thursday 16-Jul-2015 at 7pm:  Club 5k Handicap

This is a closed event for Spectrum Striders RC club members only (plus a few invited guests).

The start is at Birchwood railway station.  The finish is on the other side of the Birchwood Centre, on the path near the rear of the Birchwood Tennis Centre.  The route is normally an accurately measured 5k but there was a minor diversion in 2015 to avoid running through "Red Square".

Many thanks to Janet & David Redpath for once again organising the handicap.  Many thanks to all of the marshals & helpers.

The winners were Jane Pownall and Brad Ehlen.

The fastest runners on the night were Alison Russell and Chris Millington.

    Predicted Finish Actual Difference: actual
Pos Name time time run time time v predicted
1 Jane Pownall 36:00 35:22 33:22 02:38
2 Katie Hampton 27:10 35:31 24:41 02:29
3 Lisa Grey 34:45 36:02 32:47 01:58
4 Emma Grey 28:20 36:50 27:10 01:10
5 Mel Pownall 29:30 36:56 28:26 01:04
6 Claire Grey 33:55 36:57 32:52 01:03
7 Paula Coleman 27:50 37:03 26:53 00:57
8 Catherine Lyon 29:00 37:16 28:16 00:44
9 Brad Ehlen 22:45 37:18 22:03 00:42
10 Linda Owen 28:50 37:25 28:15 00:35
11 Neville Griffiths 25:40 37:31 25:11 00:29
12 Alison Russell 21:30 37:35 21:05 00:25
13 Jane Lowe 21:30 37:36 21:06 00:24
14 Paul Kelly 21:30 37:42 21:12 00:18
15 Neil Adair 19:40 37:43 19:23 00:17
16 Diane Atherton 26:30 37:44 26:14 00:16
17 Darren Roberts 21:15 37:45 21:00 00:15
18 Liz Whitfield 21:40 37:48 21:28 00:12
19 Colin Grime 26:00 37:50 25:50 00:10
20 Ran MacKay 23:00 37:52 22:52 00:08
21 Jo Curley 27:50 37:55 27:45 00:05
22 Steve Pickford 22:50 37:59 22:49 00:01
23 Chris Millington 19:15 38:00 19:15 00:00
24 Lee McConkey 21:15 38:05 21:20 00:05
25 Ian Dunbar 29:00 38:05 29:05 00:05
26 Graham Driver 21:05 38:09 21:14 00:09
27 Anne Fortune 27:00 38:18 27:18 00:18
28 Michael Jaras 27:50 38:19 28:09 00:19
29 Anne Hewitt 34:15 38:20 34:35 00:20
30 Terry Coles 28:55 38:21 29:16 00:21
31 John Dooley 25:50 38:22 26:12 00:22
32 Paul Harrop 24:10 38:22 24:32 00:22
33 Alan Brady 21:30 38:25 21:55 00:25
34 Mike Hall 21:40 38:36 22:16 00:36
35 Janice Leigh 26:00 38:41 26:41 00:41
36 Kimberley Tinsley 22:30 38:47 23:17 00:47
37 Chris Falls 21:40 38:47 22:27 00:47
38 Lisa MacKay 24:50 39:03 25:53 01:03
39 Roger Seddon 21:50 39:07 22:57 01:07
40 Graham Lee 25:30 39:17 26:47 01:17
41 Kenny Forster 19:50 39:25 21:15 01:25
42 Andy Gaskell 20:05 39:59 22:04 01:59
43 Iain Fortune 28:00 40:09 30:09 02:09
44 Alan Peers 26:00 41:31 29:31 03:31

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Sunday 19-Jul-2015 at 9:30am:  Pendle Family Running Festival 5 mile trail race (Barley)

This race was part of a new 2 day event.  The results are shown separately for men & women.

Name Time Cat  
Nick Gaskell 0:37:37 M40 winner - Trawden AC
Laura Lombard 0:39:44 F  
Anne Hewitt 1:22:55 F65 1st F65

31 finishers, last finisher in 1:22:55.  Full results are on the race web site.

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Wednesday 22-Jul-2015 at 7:30pm:  Harrock Hill fell race #2 (near Parbold, category BS, 5.2 miles, 900ft climb)

This is race 3 of a series of 4 races.  Your best time in any of the 4 races in a year counts towards the Club Fell Championship.

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Daniel Miller M 33:56 winner - Endurance Store
6 Lindsey Brindle L 36:16 1st lady - Horwich
36 Stephen Burthem M55 41:31 2nd claim
57 Kenny Forster M55 43:07  

159 finishers, last finisher in 1:19:06.  Full results are on ukresults.net.

Current Striders rankings after 3 races

Thanks to Les Hewitt for compiling this table of fastest times.

    Best Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Name Cat time Pos Time Pos Time Pos Time Pos Time
Charlie Sharpe M 0:34:49 2 0:34:49            
Chris Millington M40 0:37:50 20 0:37:50            
Neil Adair M 0:39:29 37 0:39:29            
Daniel Chadwick M 0:39:55 41 0:39:55            
Kenny Forster M55 0:43:07         57 0:43:07    
Liz Whitfield L 0:43:58     66 0:43:58        
Jane Lowe L45 0:45:37     79 0:45:37        
Ranald MacKay M45 0:49:12 144 0:49:12            
Chris Falls M 0:50:17     105 0:50:17        
Neville Griffiths M65 0:52:17     123 0:52:17        
Dave Thompson M55 0:52:41 175 0:52:41            
Lisa MacKay L45 0:54:31 188 0:54:31            
Kit Whitfield M50 1:03:37     156 1:03:37        
Stephanie Charman L60 1:04:48     158 1:04:48        
No. Striders ran       7   6   1    
Total no. in race       232   163   159    

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Wednesday 22-Jul-2015 at 7:30pm:  Sefton Park 5 mile

Pos Name
Cat GunTime ChipTime  
1 Haccalu Hundessa M 25:49 25:49 winner - Liverpool Harriers
16 Kirsty Longley F35 29:04 29:04 1st lady - Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
32 Chris Millington M45 30:41 30:40  
41 Neil Adair M 31:15 31:11  
47 Daniel Chadwick M 31:27 31:24  
65 Stuart Johnson M 32:17 32:11  
136 Malcolm Lingard M50 35:46 35:44  
266 Dennis Yarwood M45 41:48 41:23  
404 Denise Zachariasz F40 48:52 48:30  
411 Stephanie Charman F65 49:18 49:10  

480 finishers, last finisher in 1:21:35.  Full results are on the FR Systems race web site.

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Sunday 2-Aug-2015 at 8am:  São José dos Campos 10k (Brazil)

Pos Name Cat GunTime ChipTime
1 Jose Paulo dos Santos MSen 33:01 32:57
71 Michael Brady M50 43:41 43:25

578 10k male finishers, last finisher in 1:40:54.  Full results are on the Chip Vale web site.

Race report from Mike Brady:

"I try to make it to Spectrum Striders training sessions and race calendar events when I am in Warrington, but spend some of my time in Cambridge (where my work is based) and some time in Brazil (where my wife is from).

Brazil's famous race is the São Silvestre 15k race in São Paulo on New Year's Eve, which was founded in 1925, but it is only in the past few years that road racing seems to have taken off more widely in Brazil.  There are now 5k and 10k events where we stay in São José dos Campos or nearby towns once or twice per month.

I ran a 10k race here on 2-Aug-2015, with around 3,000 participants in this and the 5k race and 3k walk options.  There were also wheelchair racers, runners with guides and other athletes with disabilities in a first wave.  It was very professionally organised, with chip timing, water stations, fruit, sports drinks, technical t-shirts, medals, everything you might expect.

We ran two circuits of a 5k course on a closed-off dual carriageway, with a progressively steepening hill culminating in a turning point at about 3k and 8k.  Running in heat adds to my times, but it was foggy when cycling to the location and a relatively cool 18 deg. C at the 8am start so I was only 17 seconds slower than my UK PB, coming in at 43:25."

Wednesday 5-Aug-2015 at 7:30pm:  Pie & Peas 5

Pos First name Last name Cat Time  
1 Elliot Bowker Male Under 20 25:48 winner - Vale Royal AC
5 Katie Brough Female Senior 28:15 1st lady - Vale Royal AC
40 Christopher Millington Male Vet 45 31:30  
53 Neil Adair Male Vet 35 32:35  
87 Julian Spencer Male Vet 50 34:32  
88 Darren Roberts Male Vet 40 34:35  
102 Liz Whitfield Female Vet 35 35:33  
103 Lee McConkey Male Senior 35:35  
107 Brad Ehlen Male Vet 40 35:53  
133 Rob McHarry Male Vet 50 37:20  
156 Debbie Read Female Vet 55 38:25  
172 Andy Garnett Male Vet 60 39:45  
209 Dave Thompson Male Vet 55 41:34  
318 Stephanie Charman Female Vet 65 55:55  

329 finishers, last finisher in 1:14:51.  Full results are on the Nifty Entries web site.

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Saturday 8-Aug-2015 at 1pm:  Tegg's Nose fell race (nr. Macclesfield, category BM, 7.3 miles, 1725ft climb)

Race report from Neville Griffiths:

"This race is run from the sheepdog trials ground at Sutton Hall, Nr Macclesfield.  This year it was a much bigger event because the BBC were filming the National Sheepdog trials.

This was the third and final race in our interclub Fell Grand Prix series.  It was poorly attended by all of the clubs in the series, perhaps because of holidays.

The route started off around the outside edge of the show field and then onto the road through Sutton, before heading across the fields to Tegg’s Nose Country Park.  A very steep descent is followed by a run round the base of Tegg’s Nose and then a long climb back to the top before following the same route back.

Spectrum won this race, but Helsby won the series and keep the trophy for another year."

This was race 3, the final race, in this years Inter-club Fell Competition.

Pos Time  Name Cat  
1 0:51:56 Tom Adams MSEN winner - Ilkley
8 1:01:37 Katie Walshaw  WSEN 1st lady - Holmfirth 
15 1:05:34 Chris Millington M45  
51 1:19:14 Julian Spencer M55  
60 1:22:13 Jane Lowe  W45  
76 1:28:52 Neville Griffiths  M65  
79 1:30:35 Jake Holmes MSEN  
83 1:31:48 Michael Charman  M65  
92 1:37:04 Angela Moore  W40  
114 1:58:43 Steph Charman  W65  
118 2:14:05 Alan Peers  M70  
DNF   Denise Zachariasz W40  
DNF   Geoff Hand M55  

119 finishers, last finisher in 2:14:06.  Full results are on the FRA web site.

Thanks to Les Hewitt (Spectrum Striders RC) for doing the race scoring and producing the team results below.

Team results for this race

Points grand   Points 2 point # #
total (this race)   sub-total bonus men ladies
252 Spectrum Striders RC 252 0 7 3
175 Helsby RC 175 0 6 0
62 Delamere Spartans 62 0 1 1
0 Tattenhall Runners 0 0 0 0

Final series standings after 3 races

Final standings   Race Race Race
after 3 races   #3 #2 #1
776 Helsby RC 175 271 330
633 Spectrum Striders RC 252 173 208
324 Delamere Spartans 62 93 169
244 Tattenhall Runners 0 182 62

Full inter-club series results for this race are available on this web site.

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Saturday 15-Aug-2015 at 2:05m:  Race The Train (Tywyn)

This is a hilly 14 mile multi-terrain race in mid-Wales.  You run down one side of a valley, returning along the other side.  The aim is to beat the steam train on the Tal-y-Llyn railway back to Tywyn.

This year, the target time was 1:47:46.  This is a tough challenge - out of 932 finishers, only the first 204 beat the train back to Tywyn.

As well as the main 14 mile race (called the "Rotary Challenge"), there are also 10k, 5½ and 3½ mile races of varying difficulty.

Pos Forename Surname Cat GunTime ChipTime  
1 Mike Kallenberg M 1:19:26 1:19:26 winner - Cardiff AAC
37 Sarah Hill F40 1:32:57 1:32:55 1st lady - Farnham Runners
709 Sue Buck F45 2:21:09 2:20:31  
733 Mike Houghton M45 2:23:19 2:23:15  

932 finishers, last finisher in 3:30:00.  Full results are on the race web site.

Race report from Sue Buck:

Quite a few people from Helsby RC were doing this race and camping for the weekend, so as I like my trail races, I decided to join them!

The weather was gloriously sunny and hot on race day.  The Rotary Challenge starts next to the railway station and when the steam train’s whistle blew, we were off.

The first mile or so is on one of the main roads out of Tywyn, which meant that it felt very much like a road race, with barriers at the side of the road and hundreds of people cheering you on.  I had been warned that the first 7 miles were very straightforward and to be careful that I didn’t go out too fast.  I certainly bore that in mind, especially given the heat. In any case, I knew that the train would beat me, short of a miracle, but it was still good to see it going past with supporters hanging out the windows, waving and cheering.

There was nothing technical up to the turn round point just before Abergynolwyn and the trail alongside the train track made for very easy running, through beautiful scenery with hills either side of the valley with just one ford to cross and one gate to clamber over.  However, the second half was more difficult and more like a fell race.  I climbed up the side of the valley to be greeting with narrow paths, muddy sections and a slippery traverse.  Every farm we passed through had water, in some cases flapjacks and a lot of supporters to cheer us on.

It didn’t feel like too long until I joined the main road again and made my way back into town.  The finish was uphill, but again there was fantastic support from the hundreds of people lining the streets and especially from the bloke who yelled ‘well done young lady!’.  Made my day, as I must have looked anything but young at that point!!

Afterwards, we returned to the campsite to get cleaned up, before heading back into town for the after race party.  Some people seemed to think that I wouldn’t be able to dance the night away having just raced 14 miles, but they clearly didn’t know me very well as I certainly didn’t let the side down!  I can also say that dancing and having a few beers was excellent recovery as I didn’t ache the next day either!

All in all, a well-organised, great race, with an unusual premise and fantastic support! One to consider for the champs for next year, hopefully!

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Sunday 16-Aug-2015 at 11am:  Sedbergh Hills fell race (category AL, 14 miles, 6004ft climb)

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Jo Symonds M 2:13:40 winner - Shettleston Harriers
36 Nick Spinks F40 2:56:29 1st lady - Dark Peak FR
107 Kenny Forster M50 4:01:05  
108 Jane Lowe F40 4:03:36  
110 Neville Griffiths M60 4:05:56  
116 Karon Forster F50 4:21:07 2nd claim
117 Colin Grime M70 4:36:52 1st MV70

121 finishers, last finisher in 5:02:23.  Full results are on the FRA web site.

Race report from Neville Griffiths:

"I was a little surprised that more Striders were not doing this race as it is over 10 years since we last had a chance.  It has always been the same date as Spectrum’s 10k.

It was as near perfect for the race as you can get, with the tops clear and a high cloud base keeping the sun off.

We set off at a good pace and were soon at the 1st checkpoint on Arant Haw.  A fast run along a ridge led us to the base of Castley Knotts and a very steep climb to the summit for the 2nd checkpoint.

There is a cut off time of 1hr 40min at checkpoint 3.  I was running with Jane and we had to push hard on narrow paths traversing round many small ridges to get there with 1 minute to spare.

The next section is across trackless country leading to Simon’s Seat.  As we skirted round, we realised that we were a little high and had some great fun descending over 200 feet on our backsides.  There is then another steep climb over the shoulder of Hazelgill before descending to checkpoint 4.

The route back now follows a good track, but the race is far from over as checkpoint 5 is on Calf Crag, the highest point in the Howgills.  Another long run brought us to the final checkpoint on Winder Summit.

A steep descent leads to the finish.  I met Karon here, as she was hobbling down having twisted her ankle.  She said she was OK and to keep going so I chased after Jane who had disappeared from sight.  The only thing keeping me going was the thought of a cup of tea and cake at the finish."

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Saturday 22-Aug-2015 at 9am:  Pennington Flash parkrun

parkrun is a 5k timed run held every Saturday morning.

Pos Name Time Cat  
1 Anthony TAYLOR 17:20 VM40-44 winner
3 Karl STEINEGGER 18:11 SM25-29  
6 Chris MILLINGTON 19:25 VM45-49 1st VM45
15 Andy GASKELL 20:55 VM45-49  
21 Liz WHITFIELD 21:11 VW35-39 1st lady
34 Mike HALL 22:12 VM55-59  
60 Paul HARROP 25:11 VM65-69  
72 Tim LEWIS 26:24 VM50-54  
84 Michael BRADLEY 27:18 VM60-64  
182 Brian TUOHEY 36:30 VM50-54  

202 finishers, last finisher in 43:41.  Full results are on the parkrun web site.

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Saturday 22-Aug-2015 at 9am:  Delamere parkrun

Pos Name Time Cat  
1 Vincent VAN WOERKOM 18:02 VM35-39 winner - Chester Tri
4 Neil ADAIR 19:30 VM35-39  
9 Gemma BARNETT 19:41 SW30-34 1st lady - Vale Royal AC
52 Brad EHLEN 23:16 VM40-44  
241 Anne HEWITT 33:38 VW65-69  
302 Les HEWITT 46:06 VM60-64  

309 finishers, last finisher in 52:04.  Full results are on the parkrun web site.

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Wednesday 26-Aug-2015 at 7pm:  Harrock Hill fell race #4 (near Parbold, category BS, 5.2 miles, 900ft climb)

This was the final race in a series of 4 races.  Your fastest time of the 4 Harrock Hill races in any one year counts for your position in the Striders Club fell champs.

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Darren Kay M40 0:33:40 winner - Pudsey And Bramley
2 Karl Steinegger M 0:34:48 2nd claim
17 Chris Millington M45 0:38:12  
18 Lindsey Brindle L 0:38:20 1st lady - Horwich
48 Stephen Burthem M55 0:41:31 2nd claim
69 Julian Spencer M55 0:43:38  
71 Kenny Forster M55 0:43:46  
81 Liz Whitfield L 0:44:43  
90 Jane Lowe L45 0:46:03  
106 Tim Murphy M50 0:47:35  
117 Jake Holmes M 0:49:03  
123 Michael Charman M65 0:49:52  
130 Tim Jefferson M50 0:50:24  
149 Dave Thompson M55 0:53:25  
162 Neville Griffiths M65 0:55:13  
168 Richard MacIlwaine M55 0:55:42  
191 Stephanie Charman L65 1:05:56  

202 finishers, last finisher in 1:22:01.  Full results are on ukresults.net.

2015 Series results

Final Striders rankings after 4 races

Thanks to Les Hewitt for compiling this table of fastest times.

    Best Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Name Cat time Pos Time Pos Time Pos Time Pos Time
Karl Steinegger M 34:04     4 34:56 2 34:04 2 34:48
Charlie Sharpe M 34:49 2 34:49            
Chris Millington M40 37:50 20 37:50         17 38:12
Neil Adair M 39:29 37 39:29            
Daniel Chadwick M 39:55 41 39:55            
Steve Burthem M55 41:31         36 41:31 48 41:31
Kenny Forster M55 43:07         57 43:07 71 43:46
Julian Spencer M55 43:38             69 43:38
Liz Whitfield L 43:58     66 43:58     81 44:43
Jane Lowe L45 45:37     79 45:37     90 46:03
Tim Murphy M50 47:35             106 47:35
Jake Holmes M 49:03             117 49:03
Ranald MacKay M45 49:12 144 49:12            
Michael Charman M65 49:52             123 49:52
Chris Falls M 50:17     105 50:17        
Tim Jefferson M50 50:24             130 50:24
Neville Griffiths M65 52:17     123 52:17     162 55:13
Dave Thompson M55 52:41 175 52:41         149 53:25
Lisa MacKay L45 54:31 188 54:31            
Richard MacIlwaine M55 55:42             168 55:42
Kit Whitfield M50 63:37     156 63:37        
Stephanie Charman L60 64:48     158 64:48     191 65:56
No. Striders ran       7   7   3   15
Total no. in race       232   163   159   202

Members shown in italics are second claim.

2015 overall race series results

In 2015, there was only one Spectrum runner, Karl, who did 3 of the races.

These are decided on a points basis from your finish position, with your best 3 of the 4 races to count.

Pos Name Cat #1 #2 #3 #4 # races Best 3  
1 Karl Steinegger  0 4 2 2 3 8 winner (2nd claim Spectrum)
4 Lindsey Brindle  13 0 6 18 3 37 1st lady - Horwich 

There were 77 runners who completed 3 or 4 races.  Full series results are on ukresults.net.

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Sunday 30-Aug-2015 at 11am:  Pennington Flash 5 Mile Trail Race

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Tom Carson Sen M 26.18 winner - Bolton United Harriers
56 Josie Maley F35 33.27 1st lady - Astley & Tyldesley RR
183 Anne Hewitt F65 52.57  

196 finishers, last finisher in 69:28.  Full results are on the SportSoft web site.

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Sunday 6-Sep-2014 at 10am:  Wigan 10k

      Gun Chip Cat  
Pos Name Cat time time pos  
1 Thomas Carson M10-34 0:32:27 0:32:27 1/647 winner - Horwich RMI Harriers
7 Lauren Howarth F10-34 0:34:56 0:34:54 1/532 1st lady - Leigh Harriers
337 Michael Charman M65+ 0:46:30 0:46:20 3/36  
382 Helen Caldwell F45-49 0:47:17 0:46:33 5/127  
513 Vincent Alcock M45-49 0:49:25 0:48:31 44/191  
653 Jo Sullivan F45-49 0:51:09 0:50:22 8/127  
909 Kate Johnson F45-49 0:53:57 0:53:04 18/127  
1725 Stephanie Charman F65+ 1:03:21 1:03:13 3/14  

2952 finishers, last finisher in 2:06:41.  Full results are available here.

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Thursday 10-Sep-2015 at 7pm:  Club Road Mile

Thanks to Julian Spencer for typing up the results, also to all those who helped with recording on the night.

  Heat 1       Heat 2    
Pos Name Time   Pos Name Time  
1 Neil Adair 5:21   1 Rob Muir 4:55  
2 Emma Pryor 6:08   2 Carl Steinegger 4:57  
3 Helen Caldwell 6:31   3 Chris Millington 5:09 MV45 record
4 Ian Cross 6:33   4 Charlie Sharpe 5:14  
5 Dave Roberts 6:44   5 Daniel Chadwick 5:21  
6 Paul Harrop 6:53   6 Stuart Johnson 5:27  
7 Ed Stokes 6:54   7 Guy Lambert 5:41  
8 Ellie Roberts 6:57   8 Mat Rimmington 5:43  
9 Katie Hampton 7:01   9 Andy Gaskell 5:48  
10 Jo Sullivan 7:19   10 Julian Spencer 5:53  
11 Diane Atherton 7:25   11 Jane Lowe 5:58  
12 Emma Grey 7:27   12 Alison Russell 6:01  
13 Graham Lee 7:29   13 Graham Driver 6:06  
14 Joanne Curley 7:44   14 Liz Whitfield 6:06  
15 Liz Yates 7:56   15 Jenny Lamont 6:14  
16 Mel Pownall 8:06          
17 Mike Jeras 8:10          
18 Ian Dunbar 8:15          

Chris Millington's time of 5:09 equalled Julian Spencer's MV45 Club Mile Record set at the track on 27-Sep-2005.

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Saturday 12-Sep-2015:  World Masters Mountain Running Championships (Betws-y-Coed)

These Championships are open to anyone aged 35 - 79.  There were several different races over two different courses.  Different age classes ran in the same races.

The two courses were (distances & climb are approx.):

  • Long course:  6.6 miles, 1640ft climb (WV35, MV50)
  • Short course:   5.5 miles, 1475ft climb (MV55, MV60, MV65, WV65)

8 Striders ran in the Champs.  Full results for all races are on the TDL Event Services web site.

11:30am:  Women vet 35

Pos Name Time  
1 Anna Lupton 0:49:22 winner - Black Combe
6 Liz Whitfield 1:00:54  

7 finishers, last finisher in 1:11:33

12 noon:  Men vet 50

Pos Name Time  
1 Craig Roberts 0:44:18 winner - Kendal
48 Kit Whitfield 1:27:37  

49 finishers, last finisher in 1:46:25

1pm:  Men vet 55

Pos Name Time  
1 Franz Prager 0:40:35 winner - LG Passau (Germany)
23 Stephen Burthem 0:48:33 2nd claim

47 finishers, last finisher in 1:08:34

1:30pm:  Men vet 60

Pos Name Time  
1 Marino Portigliotti 0:42:45 winner - G.S.A. Valsesia (Italy)
43 Les Hewitt 1:42:42  

43 finsihers, last finisher in 1:42:42

2pm:  Men vet 65

Pos Name Time  
1 Bernard Grant 0:43:43 winner - Harrogate Harriers
28 Michael Charman 0:59:31  
29 Neville Griffiths 0:59:42  

36 finishers, last finisher in 1:19:46.

2:45:  Women vet 65

Pos Name Time  
1 Lou Lyness 0:54:30 winner - Black Combe
7 Stephanie Charman 1:15:59  
8 Anne Hewitt 1:20:02  

9 finishers, last finisher in 1:27:53

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Sunday 12-Sep-2015 from 11am:  N.W. Counties 4/3 Stage Road Relays

The 2015 relays were held at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.

The Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester & Lancashire relays are run at the same time & location as part of the same North West Counties event.  These are the results for Cheshire.  Full results are on the Sportsoft web site.

Senior Women (approx 5k) at 1:15pm

1 Vale Royal AC ‘A’ 54:51

2 Spectrum Striders ‘A’ 1:02:22
1 Victoria Walls (2) 19:37
2 Jane Lowe (3) 21:02
3 Alison Russell (2) 21:43

6 Spectrum Striders ‘B’ 1:09:54
1 Jude Peck (6) 21:15
2 Kimberley Tinsley (7) 24:24
3 Eleanor Roberts (6) 24:15

Spectrum A were silver medal winners, Spectrum B were 6th of a total of 7 teams.

Senior men (approx 5k) at 2:30pm

1 Vale Royal AC ‘A’ 1:06:57

9 Spectrum Striders 1:32:18
1 Robert Hough (8) 20:03
2 Kenny Forster (9) 20:55
3 Geoff Read (9) 23:24
4 Kenny Black (9) 27:56

Striders men were 9th of 9 teams.

Race report from Elly Roberts:

It may seem odd to write a race report about what was on a personal level, ‘just’ a 5k – but team races always feel a little different.

As someone who only quite recently got my 5k PB to sub 24 minutes, and for many years didn’t ‘do’ 5k races because they were too hard, I’m not actually quite sure what motivated me to respond to Liz’s email for Club volunteers to take part in this year’s Road Relays, except that I have always been the sort who turns out for team events.  In fact that’s how my running journey started (but that is another story).  I admit I was a bit daunted when I saw the other Strider names – as they are all a good 3 or 4 minutes faster than me, but since it was in Edge Hill I figured it would be a flat and hopefully fast course.

On the Friday before we were still one short in Team B, so Adrienne Hall gamely stepped into the breach, and this was after we had both been told that the average times from last year were 18 minutes.  Adrienne & I became convinced that we would a) be last b) be running our legs by ourselves
and therefore c) might get lost.

There was another thing I had forgotten – on a Saturday morning I run a beginners’ running group in Newton-le-Willows, and since David was away for the weekend I had no choice but to run their anticipated 4 miles with them.  It was admittedly at a fairly easy pace, but at that point a realistic
attempt at improving on my PB of 23:38 probably went out of the window!

Jon Chapman was kindly acting as chauffeur for most of us – so it was a merry crew that headed for Edge Hill at lunchtime on Saturday 12-Sep.  It was a bit colder than it might have been, quite windy, and the place seemed to be very full of whippet-like creatures.  Adrienne & I were even more
convinced that we’d be bringing up the rear.

There were lots of clubs there – a variety of flags and gazebos fluttered in the breeze, but we made do with the Striders’ ‘pile of bags’ well known to those of us who did cross-country last year.  Alison had registered us and picked up numbers, and we managed to scrabble enough safety pins together and we were ready. The teams were:
Team A – Victoria Walls; Jane Lowe; Alison Russell.
Team B – Jude Peck; Adrienne Hall; Elly Roberts.

To our relief there was no baton to faff about with!  As we watched other teams gather we did start to spot at least a few ‘normal’ runners amongst the whippets and felt we might have company at the back after all!  In fact it was a great deal more inclusive in terms of standard than I had expected (and feared!).

As last leg I was able to stand and cheer the first runners through.  Victoria and Jude both looked strong in their first legs, in fact Victoria was well up in the top ten or so.  Jane looked much like she does on training nights – relaxed and yet determined.  I waited until I’d seen Adrienne through her first lap (and she was nowhere near last) before I headed down to the track.

I waited with other leg 3 runners, peering up the slope to see if I could spot Adrienne’s pink socks and shorts so that I knew when to move up to the start.  I saw her and headed to the front of the queue.  On being asked who I was waiting for, I said, ‘Pink socks & pink shorts’ without really thinking.  The marshal gave me a slightly bemused look and replied ‘No, club name’ – but agreed our shirt and logo didn’t really stand out from a distance.  As Adrienne entered the track I was told to stand on the blue line and was given a ‘Go Spectrum’ as soon as she finished.

I had been warned about setting off too fast, which is all too easy, even though obviously there was a staggered start as runners were off at different times.  There was someone only yards in front, and I was swiftly caught by a Royton Roadrunner.  The title ‘Road’ Relays was rather misleading – there there no roads involved!  Most of a track lap, then a gravel path up a slope that then looped round what looked like a common behind the campus.  This path undulated a little before heading down again to the netball courts and the only bit of a tarmac, then it was up again onto the gravel path, past the waiting onlookers to start lap two.

Although spread out I did still have runners to try and chase down, I was pleased to catch someone each time I ran down the hill.  It was good to get cheered through by the Striders and Kenny Forster deserves a special mention for placing himself at just the right point to lift a weary runner with a shout out!

A final push down onto the track & a bit of a sprint finish brought me in with a time of 24:15 – not my best, but given the course, the wind and the four miles in the morning, I was OK with that!  We were delighted to hear that Team A had come second in the Cheshire race and they picked up
very impressive medals.

Overall it was a fun event – a real club event and a chance to feel part of a team that runners don’t often get, in a sport where so much is about personal achievements.  (And we weren’t last!).  Next year – more teams please, a flag, and I might even make my cross-country cakes).

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Sunday 20-Sep-2015 at 9am:  English Half Marathon (Warrington)

      Gun Chip Cat  
Pos Name Cat time time pos  
1 Daniel Cliffe  M  1:07:44 1:07:44 1 winner - Liverpool Harriers
26 Felicity Milton  F  1:21:06 1:21:06 1 1st lady - Team Memmert
29 Chris Millington  M40  1:21:42 1:21:41 5  
54 David Hudd  M40  1:24:57 1:24:56 11  
60 Victoria Walls  F  1:25:34 1:25:28 2 3rd lady
85 Neil Adair  M  1:27:26 1:27:22 57  
113 Daniel Chadwick  M  1:29:16 1:29:11 67  
115 Stephen Ward  M50  1:29:23 1:29:17 8  
192 Jane Lowe  F40  1:33:46 1:33:40 6  
196 Jack Antrobus  M  1:34:03 1:33:59 111  
219 Paul Kelly  M40  1:34:51 1:34:45 62  
329 Chris Falls  M  1:39:19 1:39:16 173  
390 Donna Percival  F  1:40:52 1:40:27 18  
433 Jon Chapman  M  1:41:57 1:41:21 214  
520 Kimberley Tinsley  F  1:44:34 1:44:08 32  
1002 Denise Hepburn  F  1:56:15 1:55:40 119  
1028 Edward Stokes  M40  1:56:30 1:55:28 304  
1038 Vincent Alcock  M40  1:56:41 1:55:35 305  
1041 Dave Watson  M50  1:56:43 1:55:24 99  
1062 Karl Alldred  M40  1:57:18 1:55:58 310  
1065 Kate Johnson  F40  1:57:26 1:56:21 74  
1168 Dennis Yarwood  M40  1:59:27 1:56:15 335  
1271 Allan Bird M50  2:01:55 1:59:18 122  
1321 Roz Howarth  F  2:03:06 2:00:16 188  
1326 Graham Lee M40  2:03:14 2:01:55 160  
1337 Michael Jaras  M70+  2:03:41 2:00:26 3  
1387 Kenneth Black  M70+  2:05:09 2:03:48 4  
1455 Gail Murgatroyd  F40  2:07:16 2:04:51 136  
1692 Guy Lambert  M  2:13:23 2:10:53 560 2:10 pacer
1823 Ian Dunbar  M60  2:19:07 2:16:29 24  
1883 Alan Peers  M70+  2:22:30 2:22:26 5  
2076 Christina Geist  F40  2:37:56 2:34:08 244  

2194 finishers, last finisher in 3:37:01.  Full results are on the HS Sports web site.

Age categories this year were in 10 year bands from age 40 up to 70.

Sunday 20-Sep-2015 at 9am :  EHM 10k (Warrington)

This race is run in conjunction with the EHM.

      Gun Chip Cat  
Pos Name Cat time time pos  
1 Philip Eccleston  M  0:34:08 0:34:07 1 winner - Burnden Road Runners
25 Julia Trayhorn  F40  0:42:49 0:42:40 1 1st lady
46 Emma Pryor  F  0:44:32 0:44:08 3  
125 Dave Thompson  M50  0:52:27 0:51:18 17  
162 Carolyn Arber  F50  0:55:17 0:52:10 4  
204 Jenny McIntyre  F50  0:57:18 0:55:57 5  
368 Emily Sinkinson  F  1:05:53 1:02:33 98  
369 Michelle Bradley  F40  1:05:53 1:02:33 52  
551 Philip Rose  M50  1:59:43 1:58:54 35  

553 finishers, last finisher in 2:18:16.  Full results are on the HS Sports web site.

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Saturday 26-Sep-2015 at 11am:  Thieveley Pikefell race (nr Burnley, category AS, 4.3 miles, 1312ft climb)

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Ian Conroy   33:42 winner - Horwich RMI
15 Gayle Sugden F40 38:11 1st lady - CVFR
78 Geoff Hand M55 47:31  
80 Kenny Forster M55 47:40  
103 Richard MacIlwaine M55 54:56  
111 Sue Buck F45 58:48  

119 finishers (+ 5 DNF), last finisher in 1:19:16.  Full results are on the FRA web site.

Saturday 26-Sep-2015 at 7am:  St Oswald's 100 mile Ultra (Northumberland)

The event consisted of 3 ultra distance races — 100 miles, 100k or 50k.  All races started at Lindisfarne Priory, the 100 mile race finished at Chollerford.

A fantastic run by Shirley Anderson who was first lady in the 100 mile race and was second finisher overall.

Pos Name Time
1 Shrimpton, Daniel  18:56:49
2 Anderson , Shirley  21:37:58

There were 52 finishers in the 100 mile race, last finisher in 34:29:25.  A further 16 runners did not finish the race.

Full results for all three races are on the RaceSplitter web site

Here is a race report from Shirley:

Race day was Saturday 26-Sep, on Friday morning we set off, armed with picnic for Friday night and race day nutrition.  Heading for the start at Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island, the causeway that takes you onto the Island is covered at high tide so access to the Island was after 4.30pm on Friday afternoon.  Registration was on Saturday morning at 6.15am.  After breakfast, I registered, picked up my race number and numbers for drop bags, left my drop bags with the crew and headed for the start line.

An informal gathering at the front of Lindisfarne Priory, race photographer ready and then we were off.  A route of 100 miles, what do you think about?  Breaking the route down obviously helps I don’t think about 100 miles – I think about 5 checkpoints then onto the finish and with never more than 20 miles between checkpoints it’s just 6 distances.

The first checkpoint Bamburgh approximately 19 miles away, heading off out of the priory and heading down towards the Causeway I was in third position, leading lady, we were running ahead of the main pack just keeping it comfortable not checking on my pace just feeling relaxed and ‘ok we are underway’.

Race kit for me is always shorts and running vest, yes I had additional kit in my pack back as per race requirements and some additional kit in my drop bags but more for overnight as the temperature would drop.  It did feel cool heading out and with a bit of a head wind you knew you were by the coast.

After crossing the causeway you turned right heading south and onto the trail of St Oswalds Way and St Cuthberts Way down the coastal path, this was the only turn on the course I knew, from passing this way on our arrival the day before – from here on it was follow the coastal path signs, the little red flags that had been put out around the course and hope for the best.  Unlike races up to marathon distance you can’t follow the crowd, as there usually isn’t a crowd to follow.  You encounter other runners along the way, you may have a runner ahead of you for some distance but there are invariably times when you are out on your own.

As we were approaching the causeway a number of male runners had gone ahead of me, I wasn’t sure which race distances they were running today but wasn’t worried.  I was leading female but with only 3 miles underway still a long way to go.  Crossing the causeway and a female runner came alongside me.  I checked she was only running 50k today so not a competitor for me.  She continued ahead at a steady pace running alongside a guy who she appeared to know. There were a few runners around and we were following the trail continuing on our way and hoping not to go off course, enjoying the scenery and taking it all in.

At around 10k there was a feed station offering water and bananas to any runners who felt the need.  These ‘mini’ feed stations were quite regular around every 10 – 12k for the first 60k offering water, sweets and bananas.

The first check point Bamburgh was 19 miles into the race.  The first four miles were relatively flat followed by a hilly section for a further four miles, from here until Bamburgh the course followed the coastline, mainly across trail, and field with some sand dunes thrown in for good measure.  I could see Bamburgh Castle in the distance and knew that checkpoint 1 wasn’t too far away.  Arriving at the first checkpoint, a small arrangement offering water, carbohydrate drink and bananas with my support crew; husband Steve there waiting ready to assist.  He helped fill my water bladder whilst I picked up half a banana and polished this off with a large piece of Soreen from my supplies.  As quick as I could my back pack was back on and I was off on route again, back pack somewhat heavier now my water bladder was full again.

As I continued along the route, the field had become a little more spread out and it was a case of making sure I followed the course with no runner ahead to follow.  The coastal route was quite amazing, encountering coast line and a number of golf courses along the way,  Another runner had commented to me along the course that golfers seemed to be quite grumpy and not many engaging with a traditional friendly greeting you may hear from another runner.

Going through the golf courses the signage was not exactly clear and I imagined that the race organisers were limited as to putting anything additional along the golf course itself.  I headed into the green and it wasn’t clear.  I am thinking that the route would not take us across the green so I headed around the edge of the golf course only to realise before long I was off track.  I turned around to see another female runner who had continued on course so I followed and joined her heading into the sand dunes.  I was pleased to discover that she was also running 50k today as a warm up race for her first 50 mile ultra in a few weeks time.  We ran alongside each other for a period and entered some more sand dunes we were quite close to the 50k finish at Craster and she picked up her pace.  I let her go ahead knowing that I had a lot further to run than she.

Checkpoint number 2 and again Ste was there to assist.  I took from him a couple of gels and a protein bar to replace what I had eaten along the way.  Eating some more Soreen I was soon on my way again.  This checkpoint was quite busy as this was the 50k finish.  There were photographs being taken of the first 50k lady, lots of jovial supports but I didn’t hang about I still had a some 68 miles to run.

Heading out of the checkpoint and again off along the coastal path.  Before long another runner was on my heels and we encountered in light conversation, I was later to discover his name was Charlie.  At this point I was starting to feel a little fatigued, trying to ensure that I took on sufficient fuel to keep me going as I know that 35– 40 miles is usually a tough time for me.

He was passing me and said – do you know you're in third position in the 100 mile.  I was quite amazed and questioned his judgement - he said he had been checking at the checkpoints and he had been in third place until he was passing me.  I had said I knew that I was leading lady but I had not imagined I was so far up the field.  Well this helped to pick me up and suddenly that 35 – 40 mile lull I usually have had left me.

I continued with my happy chant in my head, I was only counting 1 through to 8 then repeating it but it helps me to keep an even pace and focused. Continuing to head along the coastal path encountering walkers and cyclists along the way, most of them offered a friendly greeting and the cyclists generally gave space along the trail so as not to slow you down.

It was 14 miles from Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3 at Warkworth, another castle to encounter.  Approaching Warkworth I found that I was off course.  I had taken a left turn and believe I should have taken a sharp left, but I missed this and it was only when I reached a main road that I realised I was off course.

I took out my St Oswald's Way map (number 2) from my back pack and tried to see where I was.  I was looking around for the sight of the castle but this wasn’t in my skyline.  About turn it was, until I came across a couple of male runners and I joined them for a short while to continue on my way.  Upon checking our distances it transpired I had gone about a mile out of my way, but not too much time lost and I was feeling good and relieved that I was back on course.  I continued at my comfortable pace leaving them behind and shortly encountered Checkpoint 3.  Ste was there waiting to assist me, confirming I was still leading lady and hadn’t lost a position whilst I was astray.  Again replenishing my liquid and food supplies, protein bar consumed and I was once again on my way.

Leaving  Checkpoint 3, I was headed to Rothbury 18 miles on, the next checkpoint would also mark the finish of the 100k race.  Between these checkpoints I encountered Charlie again, he was now running with another guy, Jason, and we found that we were running at a similar pace.  The course was becoming a little more difficult to navigate but between the three of us we somehow managed to find our way.

It seemed to be from here that we started to encounter more cattle, mainly cows and bulls within some of the fields we were crossing and I was pleased to have company.  Chatting along the way the three of us were running together and we discussed that assuming it continued to work this way we would try to ‘buddy up’ for the night section.  I could have run ahead of their pace and we were starting to encounter some run and walk sections due to the terrain, uneven ground and boggy fields which made running quite difficult but with the night section ahead and knowing that we would be heading for Harwood Forest after the next checkpoint I felt that it was best to keep the company.

Reaching Checkpoint 4 at Rothbury, the 100k finish, again a jovial greeting awaited.  Ste was there to assist me and drop bags at this checkpoint; extra clothing for the night section.  Charlie, Jason and I had agreed that we would have 5 minutes to pick up what supplies we wanted and would then get back on our way.

5 minutes; water topped up, scoffed some flapjacks off the supply table, took some further supplies from Ste and I was ready, Jason was ready – where was Charlie?  I had been asking how far behind the next lady I was and was advised at checkpoint 3 she was about 45 minutes behind.  I knew that a lot could have changed between then and now and she may have been catching us up.  I wanted to get underway – still no signs of Charlie, Jason was also ready and did not know where Charlie was.

I started looking around the checkpoint which was a café and pub combined – I think?  Shouting Charlie, Charlie, has anyone seen Charlie – everyone probably thought I was a right idiot.  Charlie surfaced now in full length running pants and long sleeved running top – ready to go

Off we went heading for the hilliest section of the course, more fields, hills, cows and bulls to encounter and Harwood Forest the most difficult section of the course.  It would be 15 miles to Kirkwelpington at which point we would be through the forest and on the home straight.

I had added my high visibility t-shirt at the last checkpoint to keep off the cold.  Before long I put my arm warmers on to keep the cold off my arms as the temperature started to drop.  We were heading into the night and heading into the forest with not much reality of time.  It was just a case of keep going until you get to the next checkpoint.

The terrain through the forest was quite difficult at times, not much of a clearing along the trail, and lots of boggy terrain to encounter when we finally reached the far end of the forest we were relieved to be on firmer ground.  A mini checkpoint awaited us shortly after we had left the forest behind and a very welcoming cup of coffee - just what I needed.  Just a short pit stop and back on our way.

The three of us continued along heading through fields, encountering the eyes of cows and bulls staring at you as you crossed their terrain and trying to keep your head torch from shining in their direction so as not to scare them in which case they could quite easily charge at us.  I was pleased to be with company.  The guys were slowing and walking more than running.  I could have ran ahead quite easily but was not prepared to run on alone.  We discussed what we would do if the next lady caught us up and decided that I would run ahead with her, keep with her and then hope to pull of a final sprint at the finish.

Arriving at Checkpiont 5 Kirkwelpington village hall, no signs of life outside but the lights on in the village hall indicated to us that this must be the next checkpoint and our final pit stop before the finish.  We were now at 80 miles and an extremely friendly greeting awaited us at Kirkwelpington.  The checkpoint marshals couldn’t do enough for us – hot coffee was amazing, my feet were very wet and muddy, Ste was on hand to help me change into a fresh pair of socks from my backpack.  I knew they would be wet again before long but that didn’t matter, something dry on my feet to head back out was all I wanted.  More flapjacks – something I would not normally eat, more Soreen; a regular for me when running distances and more protein bars in my back pack for along the final stretch.

We were soon back out and on our way to Chollerford, the last 20 miles and our finish line awaited – The George Pub was our target; I had been looking on street view before hand to see the location and view the finish area, an image that was clear in my head and I knew to be my destination.

Charlie, Jason and I back out on our way, we had been told that there was a guy behind us not too far away, no indications of how far behind the next lady runner was but I was taking nothing for granted for all I knew she may have only been a short distance behind. 

Leaving Kirkwelpington and our support crews behind we headed on our way the final 20 miles to go.  Along the route and we could see a head torch in the distance the next guy was approaching, again we discussed what we would do as he caught us up and we agreed that if he was just happy for the company and wanted to stick with us fine, if he was keen to keep up a faster pace then I would run ahead with him and leave Jason and Charlie to follow.  As he caught us up and it was apparent he could maintain his pace I asked if he would like some company and we headed off leaving Jason and Charlie to continue at their slower pace.  Tony, my new companion and his first 100 mile ultra was shocked to find that this had taken him to second male and that together we were in 2nd and 3rd position, we continued into the night sticking together and maintaining not too bad a pace considering the miles we had in our legs, chatting about our training and how we had prepared for this event.

This section was taking us to Chollerford, the terrain continued over field and fell and then would take us to a more even trail section that would lead to our destination.  We eventually started to see road signs that indicated Chollerford wasn’t too far away.  Tony slowed down and was unable to maintain the pace we had been comfortably enjoying.  He offered that I should go on ahead, but for both of us, to help keep him going and to ensure I didn’t get lost in the dark on my own I stayed with him.  He was from the surrounding area and he knew the finish, I only had my vision from Google Maps to look forward to.

We eventually encountered Chollerford and I recall a set of traffic lights going over a canal bridge and The George pub was on the other side.  I picked up my pace with only a couple of hundred meters to go.  I felt that I should push ahead to take second place, first lady home.  We arrived at the George, not much of a finish line to be honest - it was a case of make your way into the pub.  Tthe only evidence again of this being our destination was the lights on inside.

As I approached the door one of the race crew appeared and I asked him my finish time – he said 21 hours 38 I was amazed as this was equal to my finish at last years 100 mile race, the Grim Reaper.   I entered the pub, directed to the room which was occupied by the race with Tony just behind me.  Delighted to have finished and ecstatic, pleased to see Ste.  My second 100 mile race and again I had finished leading lady but this time second overall, happy days!!  Official finish time was 21:37:56.

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Sunday 27-Sep-2015 at 10am/11am:  Sandstone Trail Races (A: 17.1 miles/2150ft climb, B: 10.6 miles/950ft climb)

Full results are on the Deeside Orienteering Club web site.

The excluded time spent waiting to cross the A51 is not included in the runner's race time.

A race

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Matthew Smith MV40  1:56:59 winner - South Cheshire Harriers 
46 Ruth Isaacs  LV50  2:27:46 1st lady - Pensby Runners 
48 Andy Gaskell  MV40  2:28:11  
58 Daniel Chadwick  M  2:32:34  
97 Darren Roberts  MV40  2:47:04  
98 Lee McConkey  M  2:47:05  
120 Guy Lambert  M  2:53:14  
154 Neville Griffiths  MV60  3:10:02  
169 Denise Zachariasz  LV40  3:30:00  

183 finishers (+1 DNF), last finisher in 4:20:02.

B race

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Darren Rowlands  MV40  1:08:23 winner - Wrexham AAC 
2 Charlie Sharpe  M  1:09:35  
9 Christopher Millington MV40  1:16:31  
16 Gemma Barnett  L  1:20:47 1st lady - Vale Royal AC 
38 Andy Garnett  MV60  1:31:10  
39 Jane Lowe  LV40  1:31:50  
50 Liz Whitfield  L  1:34:21  
51 Michael Hall  MV50  1:34:22  
55 Brad Ehlen  MV40  1:35:53  
60 Louise Dempster  LV50  1:37:48  
103 Dave Thompson  MV50  1:46:36  

203 finishers (+1 DNF), last finisher in 2:32:01.

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Tuesday 29-Sep-2015 at 7pm:  Club Track Mile (at Victoria Park)

This is a closed event for Spectrum Striders members and takes place as part of the usual Tuesday evening track training at Victoria Park.

Many thanks to those who helped on the night, also to Janet Redpath for typing up the results. 

Name Time  
Robin Muir 4:54  
Chris Millington 5:07 MV45 Club record
Charlie Sharpe 5:09  
Neil Adair 5:17  
Andy Gaskell 5:50  
Paul Kelly 5:51  
Jo Robbins 5:59  
Malcolm Lingard 5:59  
Jane Lowe 6:01  
Liz Whitfield 6:02  
Alan Brady 6:03 Equals MV65 Club record
Jenny Lamont 6:07  
Jake Holmes 6:07  
Rob McHarry 6:17  
Helen Caldwell 6:22  
Vince Alcock 6:22  
Andy Garnett 6:36  
Brian Griffiths 6:36  
Paul Harrop 6:48  
Elly Roberts 6:51  
Denise Hepburn 6:55  
Neil Walsh 6:55  
Jo Sullivan 6:57  
Katie Hampton 7:03  
Graham Lee 7:13  
Steve Springall 7:32  
Rachel Helsby 7:34  
Joanne Curley 7:36  
Paula Coleman 7:39  
Gail Murgatroyd 7:55  
Jenny McIntyre 8:03  
Mel Pownall 8:16  
Lisa Grey 9:27  
Claire Grey 9:37  
Diane Springall 9:37  
Jane Pownall 9:40  
Alison Andrews 9:48  

Chris Millington broke the Club MV45 mile record of 5:09 by 2 sec.  The old record was held jointly by Chris (set at the Club Road Mile on 10-Sep-2015) and by Julian Spencer (set at the Club Track Mile on 27-Sep-2005).

Also, Alan Brady equalled Alan Peers' Club MV65 mile record of 6:03 set at the Club Road Mile on 4-Sep-2007.

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